Falun Gong Practitioners Share Takeaways from San Francisco Conference (Photos)

October 19, 2014 | By Minghui correspondents Xiao Yan and De Xiang in San Francisco

(Minghui.org) More than three thousand Falun Gong practitioners from around the world attended the 2014 San Francisco Falun Gong Experience Sharing Conference on October 16, 2014. Master Li Hongzhi, the founder of Falun Gong, lectured for more than two hours at the conference. Afterwards, several practitioners shared their feelings and insights.

Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance Is Key

Degr Svab from the Czech Republic

“At a certain moment during his lecture, I felt as if Master Li spoke directly to me. It was a tremendous encouragement,” said Degr Svab from the Czech Republic. “I feel I’m confident and clear on what I will do and how to improve in my cultivation. This is what I’ll take away from the conference.”

Mr. Svab began practicing Falun Gong about ten years ago. “I reached the lowest point in my life then, and I had no idea what to do, so I began reading something about martial arts. My sister said she could give me a book to learn to do sitting meditation, and thus I obtained the book Zhuan Falun.”

“When I read the book, it seemed I already knew that what’s written in the book is real. It’s profound, but I could learn it,” he recalled. “I suddenly realized a month later that many things in my life had been far away from the standard Master Li talks about in the book. I felt I must live up to the standard.”

Mr. Svab said he believes that Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance are high and profound principles, and that he will never be able to comprehend them thoroughly. “For me, it is a key. If I can keep these principles in mind, no matter what problem I encounter and what decision I need to make, if I follow these principles to gauge things and myself, I can always find a solution,” he said.

Learning the Language to Inform Chinese of Falun Gong and Persecution

Dima Suchin from Germany

“I cherish the opportunity to attend a large-scale conference. I can always learn a lot from other practitioners,” said Dima Suchin from Germany. “Master Li talked seriously about cultivation this time. I understand that every one of us should be responsible for what we do. Doing the three things well is indeed very important. I can’t slack off and seek comfort. Instead, I should truly advance on the path of cultivation.”

Dima began practicing Falun Gong in 2006. He said that to him, Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance means “telling the truth, being an upright person, thinking of others in doing all things, being calm no matter how others treat us, and that one can’t do whatever he wants.”

“I think people in mainland China should take a good look at Falun Gong and ignore the lies concocted by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP),” he continued, “You can see that people in more than 100 countries are practicing Falun Gong. Practitioners have created many wonderful things, like the Divine Land Marching Band. I hope people can approach and get to know Falun Gong instead of letting the CCP tell them what Falun Gong is about. They should judge for themselves.”

In order to do better in helping Chinese people learn about Falun Gong and the Chinese regime’s persecution of the practice, he took some time to learn Chinese. He reflected, “I think Falun Gong is profound Chinese culture. It has changed my life for the better. I love Chinese people, and I’m happy to meet them. I hope to have a better connection with them, so I need to learn Chinese.”

He finally said in Chinese, “Hello, Chinese people, I’m Dima, I’m from Germany. I cultivate Falun Gong, and Falun Gong is great.”

Falun Gong Teaches Me to Look Within

Zhi Jing traveled from Ottawa said that she passed a test on her journey to attend this conference. She arrived late at the airport on October 14 and missed her flight. She reasoned that she couldn’t board the plane that day because she still had a test to pass in cultivation.

She said she looked within after returning home and found many attachments that she had not abandoned for a long time, such as resentment, being unable to balance work and cultivation, and others. Many factors contributed to her missing her plane that day. She said she also realized that it would be real improvement if when encountering a conflict, she can have compassion, does not complain about others, and takes it lightly.

“I attended the conference and listened to Master Li’s lecture, I felt I was engrossed in it. I understand I should treat any tests and tribulations in cultivation with righteous thoughts. I need to improve in many aspects Master Li mentioned in his lecture. I’ve benefited a lot,” Zhi added.

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Torture Methods: Extreme Heat (Graphic Photos)

October 19, 2014 | By Yun Jian

(Minghui.org) The kiln at the brickworks factory at the Fanjiatai Prison is maintained at a temperature above 70 degrees Celsius (about 160 Fahrenheit) all year long.

Falun Gong practitioner Liao Yuanhua (廖元华) was forced to take off his shoes and stand in the kiln on August 3, 2001. Mr. Liao could not stand still due to the intense heat, which would have been difficult to bear even for those in shoes.

The prison guards then stepped on his feet so he wouldn’t move. He finally fell into a sitting position, but the guards weren’t done yet. They proceeded to place red hot bricks under his body until he lost consciousness from the heat.

At a detention center in Chaoyang, Liaoning Province, the policemen tortured Mr. Gong Yongguo (宫永国) for not renouncing his belief in Falun Gong. In April 2001, they dumped boiling water on Mr. Gong’s torso, an act that left him with severe burns that were still visible two years later.

Mr. Gong Yongguo suffered severe burns on his body.

The wounds were still visible two years after the torture. The pictures above were taken in 2003.

The Chinese communist regime stops at nothing in their torture of Falun Gong practitioners – as long as they didn’t give up their beliefs, any and all torture methods would be used on them. The Chinese police pride themselves on having “108 torture methods,” of which extreme heat is only one.

Torture with extreme heat can be broken down into two categories: methods that incorporate metal, and those that don’t. Each of these categories also has a large variety of associated instruments and devices.

According to survivors, the metal instruments used include, but are not limited to, heated metal rods, heating radiators, metal pipes, iron plates, hooks for ovens, clothes irons, and needles with lit cigarettes at the end.

Non-metal torture instruments include burning coals, charcoal, electricity poles, bottles full of boiling water, and even the heated ground in the summertime.

Almost any part of the body can be burned – survivors have reported being burned on the head, face, forehead, mouth, tongue, ears, jaw, neck, shoulders, torso, chest, abdomen, nipples, back, lower back, rib area, arms, armpits, wrists, back of hands, palms, bottom, private parts, thighs, knees, legs, ankles, and at various acupuncture points all over the body.

Below are some actual accounts of torture in China’s prisons using extreme heat.

Torture with Hot Metal Devices

A Rare Case of Escape

A Falun Gong practitioner who escaped from a Chinese labor camp found himself in a Houston hospital in 2001. Mr. Tan Yongjie (覃永洁) was later interviewed by the local TV station WB39, whose report is as follows:

“They [the labor camp guards] burned him. They pressed an iron rod into his leg twice, and told Mr. Tan, ‘If you want us to stop, you better sign these documents [renouncing Falun Gong].’ Refusing to comply, he never said a word the whole time, so they continued burning him. He was burned a total of thirteen times.”

Mr. Tan also told the station that he screamed while his legs were shaking violently. He also became incontinent due to the pain. The guards had left him for dead due to his severe injuries, and Mr. Tan was able to escape and arrive in Houston by way of Hong Kong and California.

Mr. Tan Yongjie with 13 severe burns

A Case of Mental Collapse

The labor camp guards burned the shoulders and back of Mr. Yan Shengliang (闫升亮) with an iron block on June 20, 2002, at the Xuchang No. 3 Forced Labor Camp. Mr. Yan was then dragged outside and forced to expose his burns to temperatures above 40 degree Celsius (104 Fahrenheit). As a result, Mr. Yan lost consciousness and was sent to a hospital for emergency care. He suffered from severe mental trauma which developed into dementia.

Torture with Various Hot Objects

Mr. Liu Xifeng (刘喜峰) wrote in his personal account in a submission to Minghui.org: the policemen from the Shenzhen City National Security Bureau in Guangdong Province burned his face with high-powered lamps at an extralegal detention hostel.

“The lamp was extremely hot. I could hear the sizzling noise and the burnt smell when the bulb touched my face. The policeman had started with my nose, and then moved to my eyes and cheeks. Within a few minutes, I was burned beyond recognition.”

In May 2000, Domestic Security Division policewoman Xing Jianping (邢建萍) spread heated sand on the cement ground, and forced Falun Gong practitioner Jiang Xiuxiang to crawl over the coarse sand with her pants rolled up to the knees.

Ms. Jiang’s knees bled and blistered immediately. Her pants were soaked in blood. She wouldn’t ever be able to walk on her own after this torture.

At the Liyuzhuang Brainwashing Center in Hebei Province, Ms. He Xiuping (何秀苹), 49, was burned with honeycomb charcoals on her legs. She lost consciousness. She couldn’t take care of herself and became mentally ill soon after.

Mr. Xiang Xulin (向绪林), a physician in Hunan Province, died on January 6, 2003 at the age of 56. According to sources at the Chishan Prison, he was tied to hot cement electricity poles in June. His organs were damaged as a result of the burning.

Mr. Xiang Xulin

Survivor accounts such as what’s listed above in this report are hard to collect, given the Chinese regime’s information control. Still, they offer a glimpse of the atrocious human rights violations hidden behind the iron curtain.

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Three Falun Dafa Practitioners from Xiantao Detained Again

October 19, 2014 | By a Minghui correspondent from Hubei Province, China

(Minghui.org) Three Falun Gong practitioners from Xiantao City, Hubei Province, are being detained in the Xiantao No. 1 Detention Center. The following accounts detail the arrests of these practitioners, Mr. Mao Yixiang, Ms. Wang Dongmei and Mr. Li Jinyang.

Mr. Mao Yixiang Arrested

Mr. Mao Yixiang is a resident of Sanfutan Town of Xiantao. Officers from the Sanfutan Police Station broke into his home on August 5, 2014. They confiscated his computer, printer and some CDs. He was forced to leave home to avoid further persecution.

The police deceived Mr. Mao’s family into asking him to return home. They arrested him on arrival and took him to the police station, claiming that he would be released after 15 days. Instead, he was transferred to the Xiantao City No. 1 Detention Center 15 days later. His family hired a lawyer.

Mr. Mao has been detained many times over the past years. He was sentenced to three and a half years of prison in the past.

Mr. Li Jinyang Arrested at a Train Station

Mr. Li Jinyang disappeared on January 21, 2014. That day he had purchased a train ticket from Guangdong Province to his hometown for the Chinese New Year. While waiting for his train, he put up two posters about the persecution of Falun Gong and was arrested by onsite security personnel. His family did not know his whereabouts until six months later, when the learned that he was being held in the Foshan Detention Center.

His parents are in their 80′s and his father had just undergone a cancer operation. So they asked a relative to go to Fushan to visit him on their behalf. However, the relative was not allowed to see Mr. Li, saying it was because he refused to wear the prison uniform and insisted on doing Falun Gong exercises.

Mr. Li was recently transferred to Xiantao No. 1 Detention Center.

Mr. Li’s wife was forced to divorce him while he was serving a three-and-a-half-year prison term. His brother and sister-in-law broke their ties with him for fear of being implicated by the Chinese regime’s guilty by association policy.

Ms. Wang Dongmei Arrested in Guangzhou

Ms. Wang Dongmei is a resident of Xiaotao. She went to work in Guangzhou City, Guangdong in August 2013. The local police learned that she practiced Falun Gong and began monitoring her and tapped her phone. She was eventually arrested.

She was taken back to Hubei Province and detained in the Banqiao Brainwashing Center and later in the Shiyan Detention Center. Her family did not know her whereabouts until after she was transferred to the Xiantao First Detention Center.

Ms. Wang had been sentenced to forced labor twice in the past.


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Photo Report: Falun Gong Activities in Buenos Aires, Argentina

(Minghui.org) Falun Gong practitioners in Buenos Aires, Argentina, have held a number of activities in 2014 – in Chinatown, in the Barrancas de Belgrano neighborhood, at book fairs, and in front of the Chinese embassy – to tell the public about Falun Gong and call for an end to the brutal persecution of Falun Gong in China.


A candlelight vigil commemorating those who have died as a result of the 15-year persecution in China

Group Fa study after the exercises


A parade in downtown Buenos Aires


Group exercise

Screening the movie “Free China”

Talking to the public about Falun Gong

Falun Gong practitioners hand out materials in Chinatown every weekend

Young practitioners are also involved in the activities

Introducing Falun Gong at a book fair

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Son Sentenced to Six Years in Prison, Mother Writes Open Letter Condemning Presiding Judge

September 01, 2014 | By a Minghui correspondent from Liaoning Province, China

(Minghui.org) One week after a closed-door trial, Mr. She Yue was illegally sentenced to six years in prison.

His family appealed to a higher court, but received no response. Without a second trial, the six-year verdict was upheld and Mr. She was taken to Nanguanling Prison on August 14.

Mr. She Yue

Mr. She’s 70-year-old mother, Ms. Zhang Tieqin, recently published an open letter condemning presiding judge Liang Yongguo for the illegal sentencing of her son.

“The court demanded that our attorney, Ms. Wang Yu, be subject to a security check on April 15 before she entered the courtroom to defend my son. She refused to do so because this was not required by law. Then Judge Liang barred her from entering,” Ms. Zhang said in the letter.

“I had been worrying about my son so much that I couldn’t sleep the night before the trial. I was extremely exhausted. When I was told that the attorney, my daughter-in-law and other family members weren’t allowed to attend the trial, I was very upset. While arguing with the court staff, I fainted and was taken to the hospital.

“Before the attorney was able to visit him on May 27, no one knew what happened during that closed-door trial. During the visit, he told the attorney that he was unconscious the entire time that the trial was going on. In the trial minutes, however, someone recorded that he was standing in the dock as defendant.”

Illegal Arrest

Mr. She and other practitioners were arrested on July 6, 2012, for installing satellite dishes for people to receive uncensored TV programming. His health and physical condition have declined precariously since the arrest. A court trial was adjourned on December 27, 2013 because of his health problems.

A few days after the trial on April 15, 2014, Mr. She was taken from Dalian Detention Center to the hospital for emergency treatment.

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Mr. Zhang Lei Released then Immediately Arrested Again

September 01, 2014 | By a Minghui correspondence from Liaoning Province, China

(Minghui.org) Police have been arbitrarily arresting practitioners ever since the Chinese Communist Party’s (CCP) persecution of Falun Dafa began in July 1999.

Falun Dafa practitioner Mr. Zhang Lei, 31, from Shenyang was arrested at home on April 24, 2014, by the Domestic Security Division of the Dadong District Police Department, and taken to the Shenyang No. 1 Detention Center.

The police accused him of trying to “use a device to send messages about Falun Dafa and the persecution on April 25, 2014,” despite the fact that Mr. Zhang was arrested the day before.

The Dadong District Procuratorate rejected Mr. Zhang’s case on May 29 due to insufficient evidence. Mr. Zhang was released the next day.

However, the police immediately arrested him again and took him to the Dadong District Police Department. The police filed another charge against him and approved his arrest.

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