Newspaper Editor: “Everyone in San Diego should see this show” (Photos)

( New-York based Shen Yun Performing Arts once again delighted the audience at San Diego Civic Theatre on Monday evening, December 28.

Mr. Van, chief editor of Viet Times San Diego, has seen Shen Yun three times. He is always excited to see the show and looks forward each year to seeing the new program of dance, song and musical scores.

“Every time I see the show, there’s something new… It’s spectacular, just like the name-spectacular show,” said Mr. Van, referring to the title of Shen Yun Performing Arts’ previous show, Chinese New Year Spectacular.

“Actually from beginning to the end, each part has its own uniqueness… every part is respectable-excellent.”

Mr. Van, chief editor of Viet Times San Diego, and Mimi, a marketing manager

Whenever he sees Shen Yun advertised he makes sure to buy a ticket. He is making it a tradition. He has also traveled to Los Angeles and Escondido to see Shen Yun. “It’s my third time. That’s why every time I see the show come to San Diego, I want to be a part of it… Everyone in San Diego should see this show.”

Mr. Van added, “I would want everyone to come to see this show at least once, so they can see [a] real Chinese performance.”

Mr. Van feels that Shen Yun conveys a message of freedom to the people of China and portrays traditional Chinese culture.

Retired Playwright: Shen Yun “Magnificent”

Retired playwright Mr. Landis said of Shen Yun’s Monday performance, “It was magnificent, just magnificent… I’m very interested in theatrical events and this was just awesome.”

Therapist Mrs. Landis, who accompanied Mr. Landis to the show, was also full of admiration.

Mr. and Mrs. Landis at the Monday night Shen Yun performance

As an old-time classical dancer she was amazed by the synchronicity of the dancers. “I was so amazed at their ability to stay together and to flick their wrists at just the right time. The rhythm was just wonderful.”

She was also deeply touched by messages woven into the performance.

“I think I’m much more in tune with the beauty of it. The spirituality of it–I had not really thought about it before,” she said.

“Each individual should have the right to believe”

Ms. Walker, a retired assistant administrator at a local hospital, was also in the audience. She had also seen the show last year.

“The costumes are just fantastic. The dancers are very nimble, quick and the way they move their feet is unbelievable.”

Ms. Walker felt a spiritual theme in each piece, and in particular the dance that highlights the plight of Falun Gong, a spiritual practice banned in China today.

“I think that each individual should have the right to believe.”

Summing up, Ms. Walker said, “I love the music, the choreography is really excellent, just as it was last year. The discipline that goes in for these performers to perform the way they do, [it] is fascinating to watch.”


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