Kentucky Government Official Uplifted by Shen Yun (Photo)

( LOUISVILLE, Kentucky–Sunday evening, March 7, 2010, at the Kentucky Center for the Performing Arts was the place to be for those in Louisville, with the world’s premier Chinese dance and music company Shen Yen Performing Arts delighting those fortunate to attend.

Bill Burger, the assistant to the Lieutenant Governor of Kentucky, Daniel Mongiardo, was at the performance and he was full of praise.

“I found it to be very uplifting. The traditional song and dance, the experience of a culture that I am not that familiar with I found to be a wonderful thing,” he said.

Mr. Burger also commented on the visual impact of the show, “The colors were brilliant, the movements were so well orchestrated. I love the colors, it’s bright, it’s refreshing, it is uplifting spiritually.”

Bill Burger, the assistant to the Lieutenant Governor of Kentucky

Mr. Burger talked more about the performance when interviewed at the VIP reception, saying, “The message throughout the whole thing; one of faith, spirituality, hope, in addition to maintaining the traditions of the past honoring our ancestors, and then teaching them and carrying them forward to future generations, is absolutely a necessary thing and quite a wonderful thing.”

One of Shen Yun’s missions is to seek to revive the true, five-millennia-old artistic tradition of China that thrived before decades of suppression by the Chinese communist state, according to its website.

“If we don’t remember things of the past, we are going to have trouble in the future and I know that there is suppression in different places. One of my favorite parts of the show tonight was the splitting of the mountain,” he said.

Splitting the Mountain is a well-known Chinese fairy tale, where a wandering scholar becomes entranced with a beautiful goddess and convinces her to stay with him on earth where they marry and have a son. Unfortunately, they are soon discovered by her older brother, who in his fury separates the couple and imprisons his sister inside a mountain.

Mr. Burger concluded; “There is truly good and evil in the world and with faith, with remembering our past and our tradition, I think we will overcome that. I think good will overcome, that’s the message I get out of the story of Splitting of the Mountain. You can suppress good if you try hard enough, but sooner or later the good will overcome,” he said.

“So, a message of hope, learning of other cultures … just all a wonderful message for everybody, it doesn’t matter what age they are. It was great to see this tonight – hope we see more soon.”

Auditor: “I think it’s great!”

Ms. Nguyen, a claims auditor with Humana, brought her daughter to see Shen Yun. Being of Asian ethnicity, she felt her daughter could benefit from seeing Shen Yun. “I think it’s great! Especially this classical Chinese dance. I’m a mix of Chinese and Vietnamese, so this is very interesting to me.”

Two dances in the performance tell contemporary stories about the persecution of Falun Dafa in China. Nothing Can Block the Divine Path deeply moved Ms. Nguyen. “Buddha came and rescued them. If you’re good Buddha will protect you.”

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