Symphony Conductor on Shen Yun: “A Very Exciting Performance”

Shen Yun’s four-show run in Vancouver drew in people from various musical backgrounds. Here’s what a symphony conductor and percussionist had to say.

Shen Yun‘s performance at the Queen Elizabeth Theatre in Vancouver really impressed symphony conductor Lindsay Mellor.

[Lindsay Mellor, Conductor, Fraser Valley Symphony]:
“The music was just a wonderful blend of sounds and really enhanced the performance on stage. It was fabulous.”

Ms. Mellor thought Shen Yun’s orchestra conductor did a fantastic job.

[Lindsay Mellor, Conductor, Fraser Valley Symphony]:
“She did a fantastic job of keeping the whole ensemble together. It was a very exciting performance, and just the synchronicity of what was going on stage. And the beginning and the close of each number was spectacular.”

Shen Yun’s unique qualities, that bring 5000 years of Chinese culture to life through music and traditional Chinese dance, are really appreciated.

[Lindsay Mellor, Conductor, Fraser Valley Symphony]:
“I loved all of the show. It was a stunning opening and it just carried through. There was great flow, right through to the end. And a great build-up and I loved the stories and the way it was told and the presentation of how that tied in with the music.”

Phillip Crewe is a professional percussionist with 30 years’ experience.

[Phillip Crewe, Percussionist]:
“I have worked with numerous ballet companies. I think that the dancing was very professional, the music and the orchestra was very professional. I enjoyed it very much.”

Shen Yun wrapped up its Vancouver run on Sunday, with performances to come in Calgary and cities throughout western Canada.

NTD News, Vancouver, Canada.


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