Dallas Audience Loves Shen Yun (Photos)


ShenYun Performing Arts‘ third performance played to an appreciative crowd in Dallas at the Winspear Opera House, in the AT&T Performing Arts Center, on the evening of December 18, 2010.

Shen Yun Performing Arts New York Company’s third show in Dallas, Texas on the evening of December 18, 2010

Korbin King, owner and chief operating office of Inspire Financial Group Inc, attended the performance with his mother and other family members.

Korbin King (First R), his mother Tara King (Second R), Vicki Johnson (First L) and David Hudgers (Second L) loved the Shen Yun performance

Mr. King found the show to be “spectacular.” “It was really amazing,” Mr. King said.

“I learned so much tonight. I really liked it, there were so many things to learn. For me, just being exposed to so many different regions was really fascinating, because when you hear China, Americans think of one country, and it is one country, but there’s so many different regions,” he said.

“I really, really liked the scene with the teacher and the students,” he said, referring to the dance Our Story. “I thought that was really powerful. The whole experience of the teacher overcoming the evil people. And she overcame and her students continuing with the truth—I thought that was really powerful.”

Author: “It’s just completely devastatingly beautiful.”

Mr. Wilson, with his friend Sherri Baer, at Saturday evening’s performance

Author Gene Wilson and his friend Sherri Baer were greatly impressed by the performance.

“It’s magnificent, I’ve never seen anything quite like it. I’m just totally impressed,” Mr. Wilson said at intermission.

Mr. Wilson has a background in journalism, he found the tales and legends depicted in the performance beautiful.

“They’re beautiful stories. It just points out to me how so many things in the world happen that are so beautiful and people just don’t know. People don’t know until they see something like this. It’s amazing.”

He added that he was particularly impressed with the talent he saw.

“They’re very professional. It felt like they were totally in control, in sync. The movement was magnificent,” Mr. Wilson said. “I’m really impressed by the talent and the beauty of it―the costumes and the music and the backdrops―it’s just completely, devastatingly beautiful.”

Mr. Wilson thought the message conveyed through the show “just magnifies the talent that’s there, and the beauty. They perform it so well you can feel it.”

Mr. Wilson concluded by saying, “I would definitely, definitely watch this again. I have a friend who was a professional dancer and I was just thinking how he’s got to come and see this―I’ve got to call him, he would love it. It’s just unbelievable. I don’t know how they put it all together.”

Video editor Tim Werner: “I enjoyed it thoroughly ”

Referring to the animated digital backdrops, Mr. Werner said, “I also liked the translation and I thought the video imaging was very, very clever, the use of that rear image projection, and characters coming on and off the stage. It’s very clever.”

“I’m not Chinese in origin, but I really appreciated the choreography and the dance. Particularly the dancers themselves, because those moves are very, very difficult. They make it look very, very easy,” he said.

Young Dancer: Shen Yun “Incredible”

Daniel Shon with his 14-year-old niece, Sarah.

Also in the audience were Daniel Shon and his 14-year-old niece. Sarah has studied ballet since the age of two.

“It’s very incredible.” said the young dancer.

“They’re very talented, they’re all in sync, and they’re very light on their feet,” she said.

Mr. Shon agreed and said the performance was “very well choreographed, very well coordinated, and the music is very nice.”

Chinese audience member: “I benefited from association with Shen Yun”

Ms. Cui came to America not long ago from China to visit her daughter. They made a special trip from another state to Dallas to watch the Shen Yun performance. Ms. Cui said her daughter called her last year after watching Shen Yun and told her that it was a very good show.

Ms. Cui’s daughter came to America to study several years ago. Ms. Cui made two attempts to apply for a visa to come to America but was rejected both times. Two months ago, her daughter heard that Shen Yun Performing Arts would come to perform in Dallas. She told her mother to hurry to apply for a visa once again. It turned out to be unexpectedly smooth this time, and Ms. Cui’s application was approved. Ms. Cui was pleased and said, “Thanks to Shen Yun, I attended the performance and also saw my daughter.”

Ms. Cui said that she was even more amazed by watching the Shen Yun performance in a theatre. She said, “I had thought it was very good by watching a DVD of the Shen Yun performance, but now I feel it is even more fantastic by watching it in a theatre. I felt I was part of it. ”

Ms. Cui’s daughter agreed and said, “The show is indeed wonderful. I have seen it twice. It is authentic Chinese culture. It made me happy, and this happiness has remained in my heart. It is a continuous power.”

Chinese version available at http://www.minghui.org/mh/articles/2010/12/20/达拉斯观众热爱神韵(图)-233905.html


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