How Dafa Disciples Should Understand Shen Yun

By A Falun Gong Practitioner living in the United States

( Master has led us on the Shen Yun project since the Holiday Wonders Show in 2006. Since then, many practitioners have been busy with the project. We might not have had a good opportunity to truly think about this calmly and from the Fa’s perspective over the past several years. After reading some experience sharing articles lately regarding Shen Yun promotion, I would like to share some of my current thoughts.

It seems that many practitioners have not truly understood the meaning of Shen Yun. Lacking true comprehension is reflected in a lack of participation, the “muddle through” approach, attaching to one’s ego, and relaxing in cultivation during the process. Some practitioners did not even participate at all. Some had various doubts, too.

All Dafa disciples say that we are here to assist Master in Fa-rectification. Then, shouldn’t we follow exactly what Master asks us to do? What we see in the human world should not confuse Dafa disciples. Practitioners in Mainland China do not get to see Master. Have you thought about how they would have treated Master’s every word and every sentence of the Fa? They would treasure Master’s words as if it’s their life. Overseas practitioners have not paid enough attention to Master’s words, to a large extent.

From the Fa’s perspective, we all know from Master’s teachings that we came to this world for Dafa. Presently, Master wants to set up Shen Yun in a certain way. We all know that. Then, how should we treat this? If every Dafa disciple could answer this basic question from the bottom of his/her heart, we will see fundamental changes in ticket sales.

Dafa disciples made their vows of assisting Master in Fa-rectification, which is why we were given the qualification to be born in this world today. Isn’t it true? Then, what should be the center of everything we do today? Historically, in order to obtain the Fa, we might have been killed or endured great hardships. Then today, the opportunity of spreading Dafa to the entire world and offering sentient beings salvation – what we have been waiting for tens of thousands of years, is finally presented to us. Then, what we are waiting for, why we are hesitating, and what we should be attached to? If we cannot offer sentient beings salvation according to our prehistoric vows, what would the consequences be of breaking our vows? We are human beings cultivating and would still have human notions. But we are after all the Dafa disciples who have obtained the Fa. How could we behave like everyday people and be attached to the things in the human world and forget our own prehistoric vows and our responsibilities?

In my opinion, Fa-rectification today raised the bar higher for us. I am fortunate to have listened to Master’s recent lecture. My personal understanding is that for every empty seat in every show the Dafa disciples will be responsible for that one sentient being that was not attending and missed being offered salvation. Dafa disciples, how should we face the sentient beings not being saved due to our neglect of duty? Additionally, if the money sentient beings used to buy tickets was given by Master, then lowering the ticket prices means that this sentient being already owes to Dafa even before he/she comes to the theater. In other words, as long as we present the shows, the requirement is to sell out each show with the original ticket prices.

In the past, I have heard from practitioners that every seat has been reserved for someone in the audience. I felt that their realization was great. Now I understand that it is truly the case. Then, why does Master reserve each seat for one sentient being that needs to be saved after we sign the contract with the theater? I think that this manifests Master’s compassion to sentient beings and also reflects Master’s trust in Dafa disciples. As Dafa disciples we did not truly think this way, or we felt that this was a wish that was too hard to realize – instead of working hard in reality to reach the requirements. What is more – when ticket sale are not going well we even said, “We have tried our best.” If we truly tried our best, the shows would have been sold out instead of leaving so many empty seats. Have we really tried our best? Has our behavior met Master’s expectations and those of the sentient beings?

During the Fa-rectification process, could we ever imagine how much Master has paid in order to save Dafa disciples and sentient beings? Then, as Dafa disciples who have obtained the Fa today, shouldn’t we at all cost realize Master’s wish of saving the universe, fulfill our prehistoric vows and offer sentient beings redemption? Have we tried our hardest?

While working on this, many times we were merely muddling through and following others without clear goals; or, we hurriedly went into the process of the anxious promotion without thinking deep enough. As a matter of fact, when many practitioners shared their experiences regarding ticket promotion or sponsorship, they shared a common theme – they all had a pure mindset to rescue sentient beings. Regretfully, there has not been much sharing like this. Having an incorrect mindset is another one of the main reasons why we did not successfully promote ticket sales. Some practitioners might feel, “Yes, we all know that. Shen Yun is for saving people. I have done that, too.” All practitioners, however, know the principles inherent in Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance, why would there be different attainment statuses? Why are there some ones who can reach consummation and some who can not? It is not that “as long as I knew it and I also participated.”

How Dafa disciples understand Shen Yun involves how to fundamentally understand Dafa, Fa-rectification, cultivation and saving beings. It definitely is not something that one can pass by muddling through. In the process, the gods can clearly see every single thought, every word, every action of every Dafa disciple and these will remain in the history of the universe. Then, what kind of history are we leaving for the sentient beings in the universe?

In the present Fa-rectification it is no longer sufficient for Dafa disciples to simply step forward and offer one or several people salvation. As Dafa disciples who will become kings of the future universe we have the ability to rescue sentient beings. We also need to be fully responsible for everything in the universe. We have built a historic, predestined relationship with Master and we didn’t hesitate sacrificing everything for Master. Then today, in order to fulfill our vows to Master and rescue sentient beings, what attachments can we not let go of?

The promotion for 2012 Shen Yun will start very soon. Shouldn’t we all do better? If sentient beings lose opportunities to be saved because of our relaxation of cultivation, how could we face Master? How could we face the sentient beings who have put so much hope in us? How could we face our own prehistoric vows?

Chinese version available at 万古机缘-大法弟子如何认识神韵

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