Kaohsiung City, Taiwan: Shen Yun “Shines a Light on All of China” (Photos)

(Minghui.org) The Shen Yun Performing Arts New York Company staged four shows to full houses and enthusiastic theatergoers at the Kaohsiung City Cultural Center in Kaohsiung City, also known as the Harbor Capital of Taiwan, on March 12-14, 2012. The audience gave non-stop, thunderous applause in tribute to the exquisite dancing, the harmonious melodies, and the jubilant mini-dramas.

Adviser to the President of Taiwan says his life direction changed after seeing Shen Yun

National Policy Adviser to the President and Taiwan Indigenous Survival and Development Association President, Mr. Hua Chia-Chu, attends the Shen Yun performance on March 14. (Courtesy of The Epoch Times)

Hua Chia-Chu, National Policy Adviser to the President and Taiwan Indigenous Survival and Development Association President, attended the Shen Yun show with his wife, Ms. Li Yanmei.

Mr. Hua said that he now has a new direction in life after seeing the Shen Yun performance.

“Shen Yun inspires the audience to do good things. In particular, the connotation of the lyrics is very inspiring. Shen Yun seems to remind me to walk toward a better path of life,” he said.

He continued, “All of the music played by the orchestra is excellent. The musical pieces are very soft, good to hear, and match the [dance] programs very well. The design of the program is very good. After seeing it, people can enlighten to a lot of meaning in life. Both the male and female vocalists, including the tenor and the soprano, did an excellent job, and the content of the lyrics is also very good.”

Mr. Hua particularly enjoyed the dance set, Before Disaster, the Divine is Rescuing, in which the good are spared from a calamity.

His wife Ms. Li, who is a board member of the National Council of Women of Taiwan, R.O.C., also enjoyed the performance.

“I feel that Shen Yun is very dedicated, as it shows Chinese classical culture through dance. The visual effect is very good. It’s great to combine education with entertainment,” she said.

“The combination of costumes [and dances] was also very good. For instance, the costumes for the dance Lotus Leaves were like lotus leaves, and the costumes in the dance Flower Fairies were like flower fairies, which was very pleasing to see.

“The music was very peaceful, and the stories of the dances were very close to our lives, such as Crazy Ji and Journey to the West.”

Referring to the program, Joyful Little Monks, Ms. Li, said, “In terms of artistic value, the overall performance is excellent.”

Technology company owner discovers Shen Yun’s lyrics are far-reaching and profound

Ms. Yiyuan Lin attends Shen Yun Performing Arts in Kaohsiung (Courtesy of The Epoch Times)

Ms. Yiyuan Lin, co-owner of the Yiwang Digital Technology Company, praised the Shen Yun artists’ dance movements, saying, “It’s hard to believe that the human body can be so agile and superb.”

Ms. Lin said she had planned to be traveling at the time of the Shen Yun performance, but her friends had told her not to miss the show for anything, so she postponed her trip.

She said, “I was really moved to learn that authentic Chinese culture has such profound depth and meaning.”

She was also moved by the show’s award-winning solo vocalists whose voices, she said, can take simple lyrics and make them far-reaching and profound.

“While they were singing, I read the lyrics on the backdrops and found them to be simple words. However, through the vocalists’ singing, the lyrics can have a deep impact on people’s minds and enter their hearts,” Ms. Lin said.

She said that seeing Shen Yun marked a turning point in her life. The song, What Is the Meaning of Life, especially made her think. Ms. Lin said, “What’s the meaning of life? What do people always pursue? Is it really for fame and gain? … It’s time for us to let go of it.”

District chief: Shen Yun is inspiring

Also in the audience was Mr. Chuan-Yin Huang, chief of the Dashu District Office, Kaohsiung City. He attended the show along with over 10 colleagues and volunteers.

Mr. Huang noted, “The performance was great! Every program was brilliant and classical. I like the song, What Is the Meaning of Life sung by the soprano. Both the meaning of the lyrics and the skills of the vocalist were great! It has profound content.”

He praised the show’s unique digital backdrops, which were combined with dance and the music from the Shen Yun Orchestra.

“I have never seen a performance like this with such a unique dynamic backdrop … It’s so brilliant!” Mr. Huang said.

He concluded. “The performance opened my eyes. The perfect synchronization of the dances and the dynamic backdrops was refreshing and outstanding. … its profound content and inspiring effect were the most valuable parts; well worth recommending to others.”

AIT branch chief: Shen Yun ‘It couldn’t be better’

American Institute in Taiwan’s (AIT) Kaohsiung Branch Chief Mr. Gary G. Oba attends Shen Yun Performing Arts New York Company’s performance in Kaohsiung. (Courtesy of The Epoch Times)

Kaohsiung Branch chief of the American Institute in Taiwan (AIT), Gary G. Oba, was thoroughly impressed with the beauty of classical Chinese dance and music, and its colorful costumes.

Mr. Oba was delighted to have witnessed genuine Chinese culture, and believed that Shen Yun would shine a light on all of China, saying, “It couldn’t be better.”

“Learning traditional Chinese values and experiencing traditional Chinese culture is something good and important,” he said, adding, “This kind of performance is very enlightening.”

“One thing that I think is very interesting is the use of color. I was going through my mind in the performance, because the colors are very bright, and I know that now when you go to China, mainly because of the industrial pollution and things, the colors aren’t quite so bright. It is covered with a lot of dust.

“To me, this is kind of like removing the dust and you get to see the original vibrant colors of the culture. So I think it shines a light on all of China and it is a beautiful light,” Mr. Oba said.

Shen Yun is a world-wide phenomenon

Qi-Shuang Deng, District Governor of Rotary District 3510 in 2005-2006 attends the Shen Yun performance at Kaohsiung. (Courtesy of The Epoch Times)

Also attending the show was Mr. Deng who described Shen Yun as a global phenomenon, saying it was truly a dazzling and soul-touching performance.

“This was the first time that I have attended a performance of such grandeur. From the moment that the curtain was raised, I was completely in awe. Every detail in every program is meticulous.

“During the performance, I experienced the richness of Chinese culture first-hand. Shen Yun has become a global force [in conveying ancient China’s divinely-inspired culture]. Everyone should come and enjoy the performance.”

Mr. Deng was deeply touched by the power and the beauty shown by the performers and could sense that they performed with all their heart and soul.

He believed that Shen Yun should be promoted to everyone, especially students. According to Shen Yun’s website, “the performance is a presentation of traditional culture as it once was, where virtues are greatly valued. Principles such as benevolence and justice, propriety and wisdom, respect for heaven, and divine retribution all come to life.”

Mr. Deng pointed out, “…from every single aspect, costumes, dance, backdrop, and music, one can sense the strenuous work that goes into this production. They [the artists] must have spent hours in training, and were steadfast in what they were doing, to be able to put on such a magnificent performance. It is also educationally quite positive.”

Construction company CEO: Shen Yun brings a sparkle to life

Chen Tien-Tsai, CEO of Green Villa, attends the performance by Shen Yun Performing Arts at Kaosiung. (Courtesy of The Epoch Times)

CEO of Green Villa, Chen Tien-Tsai, and his wife, were delighted to see Shen Yun for the first time. Mr. Chen praised Shen Yun, saying that it had brought a sparkle to his life.

“This is something I have never experienced before. I simply can’t articulate the wonderful joy I feel,” said Mr. Chen.

Mr. Chen particularly enjoyed Joyful Little Monks.

“It is usually very difficult for any type of performance to make me laugh, because I am in charge of steel manufacturing and construction. The workload that comes with my job is definitely not a joy. However, today, I am really, truly happy. Having seen the performance, I am simply ecstatic.”

The coordination of the digitally animated backdrop and the dancing deeply impressed Mr. Chen. “The combination of backdrop and dancing had given me a real up-close feeling. Absolutely wonderful.”

Mr. Chen also praised the gorgeous, handmade costumes, describing them as “very classical and elegant.”

Mr. Chen’s wife, Hu Shufen, was struck by the perfect blending of the Shen Yun Orchestra and the dancing. She said that it is quite rare that a performance is accompanied by live music.

Since Shen Yun portrays the divine Chinese culture where emphasis is placed on the virtues of respect for the heavens and benevolence, Mr. Chen said that he believed that the show would have a positive effect on Taiwanese society.

He concluded by saying that he would invite more people to come to see Shen Yun.


Kaohsiung, Taiwan: Shen Yun „leuchtet über ganz China“ (Fotos)


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