Shen Yun Masterfully Portrays Ancient Chinese Traditions for Stockholm Theatergoers (Photos)

( Shen Yun Performing Arts International Company’s visit to Circus Arena in Stockholm, Sweden, from April 4 – 6, 2012, drew thunderous applause and standing ovations. The enchanting capital city is made up of 14 islands connected by some 50 bridges on Lake Mälaren, which flows into the Baltic Sea.

Sales manager: ‘We’re really surprised. It’s a wonderful show’

Katarina and Hans Johansson attend Shen Yun Performing Arts in Stockholm

Hans Johansson, a sales manager for a Stockholm airlines, attended the Shen Yun show accompanied by his wife, Katarina Johansson, who works as a teacher. They said they thoroughly enjoyed every aspect of the show.

Mrs. Johansson marveled at how the animated digital background scenes were perfectly synchronized with each dance set. “It’s fascinating with the backdrop combined, and how the dance melted together … Nice variety,” she said.

“It was fantastic, very nice,” Mr. Johansson agreed. “We have never seen it before. We’re really surprised. It’s a wonderful show. Fantastic colors, the dancing is exquisite, I really enjoyed it.”

He also talked about the way Shen Yun masterfully portrayed the traditions of ancient China, as well as some modern day stories of China. “I like the mixture of the historical aspect that they weave into the modern” and the techniques Shen Yun uses to tell a collection of stories.

Mr. Johansson concluded, “We think it is a very good show, it has a lot of variation in it. Very fun, I have never seen it before, it is very exciting.”

Swedish MP: Shen Yun ‘an extraordinary performance’

Cirkus, Stockholm

Also in the audience was Mr. Finn Bengtsson, a physician and member of the Swedish Parliament. He was full of praise for Shen Yun, saying it was “an extraordinary performance.”

“This show is professional to the core, and it’s constantly changing,” he said, adding that he had seen Shen Yun four years ago.

With regard to the persecution of the spiritual practice of Falun Dafa, also called Falun Gong, Mr. Bengtsson believes that the Chinese regime does not respect its citizens and he called the ongoing persecution a “disaster.”

“We must act on this … We have to do something. I will try to do whatever I can,” he promised.

Company president: ‘What I loved about it was that goodness triumphed’

Martina and Martin Richter watched Shen Yun perform on opening night in Stockholm, April 4

Martin and Martina Richter, who are both presidents of their own companies, were happy and pleased after watching the show.

“What I loved about it was that goodness triumphed,” said Martina Richter, president of the skin care product company, Skinplan.

Martin Richter, president of All Global Europe, an innovation and research company, said that Shen Yun “was a very wonderful show, definitely something unexpected.”

Ms. Richter especially enjoyed the color and the sense of harmony exuded by the show.

“The colors were so beautiful and pleasant. For us in the advertising world, it’s especially good to see this. It’s invigorating, and it’s also a contrast to much of society today, with all these negative headlines every day. This was a very beautiful and harmonic show,” she said.

When the Richter’s were told that Shen Yun could not perform in China due to the current Communist regime’s suppression of traditional arts and culture, Mr. Richter said, “When you see the beauty and the positive message, I don’t understand what it is in the show that disturbs China.”

Ms. Richter found that the essence of traditional Chinese culture, which emphasizes morality and spirituality, was perfectly portrayed in the different scenes in the performance. She said it was “very positive,” and her husband agreed, saying the show was very spiritual.

Mr. and Ms. Richter left the theater feeling great.

Ms. Richter said, “A very positive, beautiful, calm feeling. I like the colors and the dancing, I feel calm, harmonious, light and happy.”

“I’m happy, but also thoughtful. The show conveyed a strong message,” Mr. Richter added.

Account manager: ‘It’s an amazing show, they’re incredibly agile, great body language, everything’

Patrik Embermark and Linda Persson attend the final Shen Yun performance in Stockholm on April 6

Patrik Embermark, a key account manager, attended the show with his wife, Linda Persson, a visual merchandiser. They both work for major national companies related to color, shape, and communication.

Ms. Persson appreciated Shen Yun’s fifth visit to Sweden, saying that it was “awesome” to see a show that had a positive message and also displayed traditional Chinese culture.

Mr. Embermark was delighted by the performance. “I’ve actually never seen anything like it. I think it was very well presented … It’s an amazing show, they’re incredibly agile, great body language, everything. It was just great,” he said.

He said that China’s ancient culture “seems like a very natural and spiritual culture.”

Ms. Persson said that she was inspired to use more daring color combinations in her work as a visual merchandiser.

“That’s something to learn from, daring to mix colors; the way they get it together with the colors is something I would never have done myself. It was cool to see how they made all the costumes work, it was really beautiful,” she said.

Although Mr. Embermark said that he had a good feeling after watching the show, he also revealed that his conscience bothered him a bit.

Included in each Shen Yun show are scenes that portray the suppression of the freedom of belief in contemporary China, as well as themes of spiritual renewal and hope.

“There is so much more to find out. … I’m going to educate myself about this, thanks to the show,” he said.

Ms. Persson said that watching the show had brought out her compassion towards others.

“You want to help influence the situation, help spread their message, so their situation [in China] can improve. I feel I want to help somehow,” she said.

Sales manager: ‘There is a force greater than what humans can understand’

Johan Nyström shares his Shen Yun experience after the performance

Johan Nyström, sales manager, was taken by the Shen Yun show. “I’ve never seen anything like it. Very nice—it gave a great impression of China. Wonderful, actually,” he said.

Mr. Nyström shared his experience of the show, saying, “The whole show, the dancers, the singers and the orchestra, it was an amazing mix. I’ve never seen anything like that from China before; it seems unique to me. It was really a grand performance.”

He continued, “Then this force of nature, or heaven, came down. It was a great to see, actually, because you could sense the message that there is a force greater than what humans can understand, this Buddha. It was really lovely.”

When asked if he would tell others about the show, Mr. Nyström replied, “I would definitely recommend this show to anyone, to have this unique perspective on China. It was a very good show and quite unique. I recommend it to anyone and look forward to next year.”


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