Canadian MPP: “The Most Cruel Form of Human Rights Abuse”

( As evidence emerges about the Chinese Communist Party’s crimes of harvesting organs from living Falun Gong practitioners, more people are expressing their concern and indignation. Two members of the Legislative Assembly of Ontario (the Ontario Provincial Parliament), Mr. Jack MacLaren, and Mr. Jagmeet Singh, shared their thoughts on the issue.

Members of the Ontario Provincial Parliament, Mr. Jack MacLaren (right), and Mr. Jagmeet Singh (left)

Mr. MacLaren stated: “It is a terrible human rights abuse that is going on in China by the Chinese government, against the Falun Gong movement, which is a wonderful group of people.”

Mr. MacLaren knows Falun Gong well. He said, “They have three principles of truth, compassion and tolerance. They are a peaceful group. All they wish to do is to improve their minds and obtain dignity and freedom within the people of China. They do that through meditation and repetitive exercising. There could not be a more passive, constructive group of people anywhere in the world.”

MacLaren said that the Chinese Communist Party brutally persecutes Falun Gong. “They even got to the point of finding they can harvest live organs from live innocent people, and sell them to people, who need organ transplants, and could not get them, in North America, Europe or other countries. [The organ harvesting] became business. The Chinese government was making as much as hundreds of thousands of dollars or more for a heart or a lung.

“There are 600 hospitals and institution that do organ transplants in China. There have been tens of thousands of Falun Gong members that have been imprisoned, never to be seen again. We are pretty certain that they died [as a result of live organ harvesting].”

Mr. Maclaren continued, “We have to educate our people to know that if you need an organ transplant and you are thinking of going to China, then very likely your organ you are going to receive will be at the expense of not just a few hundreds of thousands [of dollars], but also somebody’s life who is an innocent man or woman, a member of Falun Gong. That will be a terrible burden for any human being to live with who realize they have an organ from somebody who died against their will.”

Mr. Singh also expressed a similar opinion on the organ harvesting. He said, “It is one of the most cruel forms of human rights abuse that can occur. It not only takes someone’s liberty, not only takes someone’s life, but also invades someone’s body, taking precious life supporting organs out of their bodies. Probably, it is the most serious and violent form of human rights violation.”

Mr. Singh added, “Everyone has the obligation and responsibility across the world, as citizens of this world, to speak out against any injustice that occurs to anyone in the world.”

Mr. MacLaren believes that Canadians can take action to help stop the organ harvesting. He said, “What we have to do here in Canada is to pass the legislation, similar to what Israel did in April this year, that withdraws financial payment by government health insurance for these illegal transplants in China, where we don’t where the organs come from.

“Harvesting organs from innocent people, Falun Gong members, is a crime. In Canada, we cannot be part of it. We should discourage that through law by the withdrawal of financial support.”

Mr. MacLaren said, “We also have to educate Canadian medical care professionals and doctors that any person who is looking for an organ transplant and is considering going to China, they must be made to know or be educated to the fact that very likely that organ is from an innocent, healthy member of Falun Gong.”

As a lawyer himself, Mr. Singh also believes that passing laws can help. He said, “We cannot allow profits to take over when it comes to human rights.

“If it turns out that drug companies or other companies are using organs which were obtained illegally, we need to prevent those practices.”

Both Members of the Ontario Provincial Parliament believe that Chinese people long for freedom, and they hope that one day their dream becomes reality.

Mr. Singh said, “Freedom of thoughts is one of the most important rights we have. People should be allowed to disagree. If the community sees something that is an issue and they want to talk about it, they should definitely organize, voice their opinions, discuss the issue and use any peaceful means possible to present their arguments and present their issues.”

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