Four Kunming Falun Gong Practitioners Arrested While Distributing Shen Yun DVDs

January 18, 2013 | By a Minghui correspondent from Yunnan Province, China

( On December 20, 2012, Ms. Liu Cuixian, Ms. Peng Yumei, Ms. Ran Xiaoman and Ms. Liu Xiaoping from Kunming, Yunnan Province were reported to police while they were distributing Shen Yun DVDs to villagers in Tuoan Town, Lufeng County. Police from the Domestic Security Division of the Lufeng Police Department arrested the four practitioners.

The next day, at about 5 a.m., Ms. Ran’s husband received a call from the Lufeng Police Department, saying Ms. Ran was in trouble. Ms. Ran’s husband said: “My wife does not steal or rob. What kind of trouble can she be in?” The police said she was distributing Falun Gong materials. Ms. Ran’s husband said he wanted to see his wife. He was told he had to wait for one month.

During that period, the family members of Liu Cuixian and her daughter-in-law Peng Yumei also received calls from the Domestic Security Division, requesting that they come to the department and deliver clothes to Ms. Liu Cuixian and Ms. Peng Yumei. On December 24, 2012, Ms. Liu Cuixian’s family members went to the Lufeng Police Department. At the beginning, the policeman on-duty denied they had arrested any Falun Gong practitioners. One of Ms. Liu’s family members said: “We came here after receiving a call from the Lufeng Police Department. If you do not know, we will go upstairs and find out for ourselves.” At that time, four or five policemen came down from upstairs and blocked Ms. Liu’s family members on the first floor. There were two plain-clothes police. One of them was Chief Huang of the Domestic Security Division and the other one’s surname was Pan. The other two wore police uniforms. Their police identifications were 030645 and 030414. Chief Huang admitted to arresting the Falun Gong practitioners and said they were being detained in the Lufeng Detention Center. A policeman took out a camera and wanted to take pictures. One of Ms. Liu’s family members said: “If you take our pictures, we will also take your pictures.”

The Lufeng police also confiscated the car driven by Ms. Liu Cuixian and her daughter-in-law. Ms. Liu’s family members requested to retrieve the car and cell phones. They said they would hire attorneys for the two practitioners. Later on, they went to the Lufeng Detention Center to deliver clothes to the mother and daughter-in-law.

On December 22, 2012, Ms. Liu Xiaoping called her sister and asked her to hire an attorney. Her sister went to Ms. Liu’s home the next morning. She found the home a mess after she opened the door. It looked like it had been robbed. Master Li’s pictures, Zhuan Falun and other Falun Gong books, a computer, two printers and a CD burner had been taken away. Ms. Liu Xiaoping’s sister was shocked.

On December 25, 2012, Ms. Liu’s sister called Chief Huang of the Domestic Security Division. Huang admitted he had searched Ms. Liu Xiaoping’s home. Other people involved included Kunming policemen, local police from the Yueyatang Police Station and personnel from the local neighborhood committee. Ms. Liu’s sister asked: “To search a home one would need a search warrant and the person concerned should be present. Any property which is taken away should be listed, and the family concerned would get a copy of the list. Why do we not have one? And why were we not informed.” Huang said: “There are exceptions in special circumstances.”

On December 25, 2012, at 3 p.m., Ms. Liu Xiaoping’s sister went to the Lufeng Detention Center and delivered clothes to Ms. Liu. The guard at the entrance said he could not find Ms. Liu’s name on the list. Ms. Liu’s sister called Huang again. Huang asked her to see Shao Zhenghong, Deputy Warden. However, the guard did not allow Ms. Liu’s sister to enter the detention center. Finally, Ms. Liu’s sister could not deliver clothes to her until Huang called Shao Zhenghong. They only allowed her to send an undergarment, no coat.

Ms. Ran Xiaoman’s family also went to the Lufeng Detention Center to deliver clothes on December 25, 2012.

Accounts of Persecution the four practitioners experienced

Ms. Liu Cuixian, 58 years old, lives in Hongmiao Village, Kunming, Yunnan Province. She started to practice Falun Dafa in 1997. Ms. Peng Yumei is her daughter-in-law.

In the early 2000s, Ms. Liu Cuixian was listed as a coordinator and strictly monitored by the Honglian Police Station (now the Zhongshuying Police Station). The police often went to ransack her home, harass and arrest her. They never presented any identification or went through any legal procedures.

On March 1, 2003, Ms. Liu Cuixian went to Siying, Songming County to clarify the truth to people and distribute Falun Gong materials. She was taken away by officers from the Siying Police Station. She was detained in the Songming Detention Center and the Kunming Second Detention Center. Later, she was detained in the Yunnan Women’s Forced Labor Camp for two years.

On April 5, 2005, Ms. Liu Caixian went to Lufeng to visit her in-laws. She was reported to police because she clarified the truth to people. She was first taken to the Shezi Police Station and then transferred to the Lufeng Detention Center, where she was detained for 32 days. She slept on the cold ground. She was bitten by mosquitoes and she felt sore in her bones. As a result of persecution, she became very weak. On May 7, 2005, the police forcibly pushed her into a vehicle and sent her to the Yunnan First Forced Labor Camp in Dabanqiao, where she was detained for one year.

Ms. Ran Xiaoman, 41 years old, lives in Wayao Village, Longtoujie, Kunming. She started to practice Falun Dafa in 2010.

Ms. Liu Xiaoping, 56 years old, worked in the Zhuhai Cookie Factory before she retired. She started to practice Falun Dafa in 1998. She followed the principles of Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance and healthy both physically and mentally. After the CCP launched the persecution of Falun Gong in July 20, 1999, Ms. Liu went to Beijing to appeal for Falun Gong. She was taken to Zhuhai. In the detention center, she was subjected to brainwashing and forced to do slave labor. Her fingers were injured peeling pistachios. Later on, Ms. Liu moved to Kunming, Yunnan Province from Zhuhai, Guangdong Province.

Relevant departments and personnel:
Lufeng Police Department
Chief Huang of Domestic Security Division of Lufeng Police Department: +86-151259978919(Cell)
Jinshan Police Station in Lufeng County: +86-878-4121629
Lufeng Detention Center

Please refer to the original Chinese text for more names and telephone numbers.

Chinese version available

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