A Young Doctor’s Cultivation

January 28, 2013 | By a Dafa practitioner in China

(Minghui.org) One day my wife said with deep emotion, “Thanks to Dafa for guiding you onto the cultivation path. Because of that, our lives today are happy.”

1. I Started Cultivating Dafa and Was No Longer Confused

Before I started cultivating Dafa, I had a very pessimistic outlook on life from suffering years of intractable insomnia and its complications. The faintest light or sound would keep me from falling asleep. Later it developed into a situation where I could fall asleep only after I had laid down for several hours and only when I was totally exhausted. The slightest disturbance would wake me.

In order to get relief, I took Chinese traditional medicine and imported Western medicine, but nothing helped. The side effects of the Western medicine made me very uncomfortable. I was like Master described in Zhuan Falun:

“When he becomes ill, he will go to the hospital. When a doctor of Western medicine cannot cure him, he will go to see a doctor of Chinese medicine. When the doctor of Chinese medicine also cannot cure the illness and when no special prescription works, he will then think of qigong.” (Lecture Six)

Desperate, I started practicing a form of qigong.

I later became a physician. After I got married, my life settled down, and my physical condition improved. But the insomnia continued as a lingering shadow in my life. I continued to be fearful in my daily life, and I was still pessimistic.

Around 1995, I saw the Dafa book Zhuan Falun while I was wandering around in a bookstore and bought a copy. I read through part of it and thought that it was a good book. Probably because it was not my time yet, I gave this treasured book to a teacher I had a lot of respect for. He was a national-level teacher with broad knowledge and many gifts. Later, he started cultivating Dafa and he experienced many miracles.

In 1999, after the Chinese Communist Party started persecuting Dafa, my family members and other fellow practitioners persuaded me, and I started cultivating Dafa.

In the process of learning the Fa, I found one convincing answer after another to a lot of the questions and confusion I previously had. And I had a feeling that the door to truth was continuously opening to me.

In about six months after I started learning the Fa, miracles unexpectedly started to happen. One day I suddenly realized that the insomnia that had tortured me for more than a dozen years had disappeared. It disappeared naturally and completely, as if it had never happened. However, I was not particularly excited, and it was as if I had foreseen this day would come sooner or later after I started learning the Fa.

2. Changing Myself and Validating Dafa

I began to hold myself to the standard of a Dafa disciple—to tell the truth, to advise people to withdraw from the CCP and its affiliated organizations, and to study the Fa. I worked diligently at my job and took the initiative to help colleagues with their workload. More and more patients came to me for treatment, and the effectiveness of my treatments got better. I also realized that I should further improve my professional skills and take care of my patients with compassion. Many patients sincerely respected me. When the time was right, I explained the truth of Dafa to them and advised them to withdraw from the CCP and its affiliated organizations. More and more of my patients withdrew from the CCP and its organizations.

I came to understand that Master gave me all I have, and the wealth we have is for validating the Fa and for saving lives.

When my relatives, friends, patients, and fellow practitioners needed help and when a project to validate Dafa needed funding, we helped finance the project without hesitation. After the Sichuan earthquake, I discussed it with my parents and made a donation. Some people who knew that we practiced Dafa, but did not have a clear understanding of Dafa, started to have new understandings about Dafa.

After I started cultivating Dafa, I used my income (after covering my family’s basic expenses) for projects to validate Dafa and save lives. There was a period of several years where, because collaborators had betrayed us, the 610 Officeand police repeatedly came to my home to harass us. My family members were threatened, and my residence was monitored. The police even told me, “You have funded Falun Gong activities with substantial amounts, and your name has been put on the city’s black list. If you keep doing it, we will confiscate your property.” I shared my thoughts with my family members who are practitioners, we studied the Fa together with a calm mind, and we looked inside for reasons. We came to understand that we have Master’s protection and we have the Fa; there is nothing for us to fear. The evil persecution was disintegrated under Masters protection.

My physical condition is getting better and better. At work and at home, I quietly take on the work that others don’t want to do.

I will diligently cultivate each passing day, and I know that everything is arranged by Master.

Chinese version available

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