My Boss Tells Everyone, “Falun Dafa is Good!”

January 29, 2013 | By a practitioner from Inner Mongolia

( I’ve been persecuted by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and have endured extreme suffering, physically, mentally and financially. I became destitute and homeless in 2000. Initially, I could only find handwork and it was very difficult to make a living. In June 2002, a friend found me a job as a cook in a sweater factory. The dining hall was filthy and a mess. The flies were so numerous they simply flew into your face. Food dumped on the floor was infested with maggots. A big pile of leftover food was heaped in front of the sewer. The whole place smelled moldy. The water vat was half full of turbid water. The windows were so dirty that you couldn’t see people whether you were looking from inside or outside. There was no way to work in this place. The boss wanted me to take the job right away but I said I had to think about it.

After I got home, I thought, “I’m a Falun Dafa practitioner. I can do this job. I can change this environment.” At that time the CCP was putting a lot of pressure on and maligning Falun Gong. Their lies blanketed the earth and harmed sentient beings. I thought, “I’ll strictly follow the moral principles of Falun Gong at work. My words and deeds will exemplify the glory of Falun Dafa, and thereby save sentient beings.”

The next day, as soon as the sun came up, I went to the factory. I did a rough cleaning of the dining hall, then I prepared food for the workers. They ate everything. I was stunned by their manners. I wondered how anyone could work in a such a dirty and messy place and deal with those workers’ bad manners. I thought to myself, “This is how people without an education make a living. I’m a practitioner. I should elevate my xinxing and tell them the truth about Falun Gong and the persecution. Then they will definitely have righteous thoughts about Falun Gong.”

On the third day I cleaned the dining hall until it was spic-and-span. My boss watched me out of the corner of her eye, and I imagined that she thought I was a good person. She said to her workers, “I’ve had six cooks in one year. They have stolen the food that they cooked and other things. They were dirty and lazy. There is a world of difference between this auntie (respectful name for an older woman) and them.”

I often told my boss and the factory workers about the beauty of Falun Gong and exposed the CCP’s persecution of Falun Gong. I put the dining room in good working order and was always considerate of the workers. I was very busy and tired yet took the time to boil drinking water for them. Previous cooks had given them the leftover water from steaming the buns to drink. The workers were often sick in the past due to unsanitary conditions in the hot weather. They were seldom ill after I arrived. My boss never ate at the dining hall before. After I arrived, she often ate there.

Henceforth, my boss believed that Falun Gong is good and often said to me, “The factory became profitable after you arrived. I don’t dare accept all of the orders. Workers often stay for the night shift but can’t complete all the work. There is no precedent for this prosperity. The profits run over tens of thousands of yuan every month. Are these the blessings and rewards for believing in Falun Dafa? Furthermore, I had gastric illness and didn’t dare to eat anything cold or hard. I felt uncomfortable everywhere. Now, I feel light and can eat anything.”

My boss often said to me, “I’m very busy and have no time but I want to practice Falun Dafa. I will practice in the future.” Whenever she met people she told them, “Falun Dafa is good. Falun Dafa practitioners are good people.”

The boss paid all of the workers’ medical expenses at the end of the year. She went to the hospital to settle the account. The doctor said, “Your workers’ medical expenses come to 280 yuan this year. By any chance are your workers using an additional hospital?” She said, “No!” She couldn’t believe it. Their expenses were ten times less. She felt this was the benefit of believing in Falun Dafa. She looked for me when she returned and said, “This year’s medical expenses are ten times less than past years. I’m astounded. The Master of Falun Dafa is so compassionate. Whoever believes benefits! This year has been colder than past years. The children have worn lighter clothing but they haven’t gotten sick. Falun Dafa is extraordinary!”

My boss spoke to me before the New Year vacation and said that all the workers had been asking, “Will auntie come back next year and cook for us? If she returns, we will come back as well!” She quickly told them that I would return. They said that they would as well then. My boss asked me to sign a contract but I declined. I wasn’t able to return after the New Year due to special circumstances. She asked me to find a local practitioner to take my place. The local police went to the factory to inquire about this practitioner. The boss immediately said in a stern voice, “You aren’t allowed to interfere with my worker. Falun Dafa practitioners are the best people in the world. Whoever messes with me is going to have to take me on! Don’t come to my factory again regarding any issue related to Falun Gong.” Then she immediately kicked them out.

Many miraculous things have happened when people believe in Falun Dafa. I’ve only mentioned a few examples. Let’s help more and more of the world’s people experience the glory of Falun Dafa and be saved. Practitioners are good, kind and compassionate. Everything is for the sake of sentient beings and is done unselfishly.

Chinese version available

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