Civilians Who Signed Petitions to Rescue Falun Gong Practitioners Harassed and Intimidated by Fushun Police

January 30, 2013 | By a Minghui correspondent from Liaoning Province, China

( Approximately forty to fifty police officers were dispatched on September 25, 2012 from the Fushun Police Department in Liaoning Province, Shuncheng Police Department, Dongzhou Police Department, Qingyuan County Police Department, Qingyuan Town Police Station, Yaozhan Police Station, and Caoshi Police Station to conduct an “F08” action. They arrested about twenty Falun Gong practitioners in Qingyuan County. Due to timely rescue efforts by their families and by large numbers of people in China and overseas, the arrested practitioners were released, except for Gai Yongjie, Liu Haitao, and Liu Liying. Practitioners and their families are very grateful for everyone’s acts of compassion.

The families, friends, and fellow villagers of Liu Weibin, Liu Liying, Li Hengliang, Liu Haitao, and Gai Yongjie signed petitions seeking their release. Those who signed the petitions know that Falun Gong practitioners are good people, and that the police should not have arrested them. These compassionate villagers followed their conscience and took righteous action.





Petitions with fingerprints seeking the release of practitioners Liu Weibin, Li Hengliang, Liu Haitao, Gai Yongjie, and Liu Liying

Government officials were distressed by these rescue efforts. After Liu Weibin and Li Hengliang went home, the Liaoning Public Security Department, Fushun Police Department, and Qingyuan County Police Department sent plainclothes officers to the homes of Liu Weibin, Li Hengliang, Liu Haitao, and Liu Liying. The police threatened their families to get them to reveal the names of those who collected the petitions.

Residents in Aerdang Village, Qingyuan Township Pressured to Sign a Petition Slandering Falun Gong

Wu Yonglu, the Aerdang Village Party secretary, told Mr. Liu Weibin to wait for him at the village office at 3:00 p.m. on November 2, 2012. A dozen plainclothes officers from Fushun and Qingyuan soon arrived in three cars. They threatened Mr. Wu and wanted to know why he supported the petition that was stamped with the village seal. They ordered him to find out the identity of the person who released the petition on the Internet, or else he would lose his job as village Party secretary. They also pressed Mr. Liu Weibin’s wife, Ms. Lin Caizhao, for the name of the person who gave the petition letter to her. His wife refused to give the name, so the police took the couple to the county police department. The police showed Ms. Lin many photos of Falun Gong practitioners and told her that she could not go home unless she made a “confession.” Ms. Lin was worried about her two young children at home. The police showed her a photo of practitioner Ms. Zhang Shouhui. They forced Ms. Lin to admit that she knew Ms. Zhang, who was arrested and sent to the county police department at 6:00 p.m., and detained for 15 days. Her computer, personal belongings, and over 4000 yuan in cash were confiscated and have not been returned.

In December 2012, village Party secretary Wu Yonglu was taken to the Qingyuan County Police Department again by police from Fushun, where he was interrogated and intimidated. The official at the police department wanted Mr. Wu to step in and ask villagers to sign a petition that slandered Falun Gong. Wu Yonglu did not want his villagers to sign such a thing. However, the police more than once pressed Wu Yonglu to tell the villagers to sign it, threatening to take away their pensions if they did not comply. Some villagers signed it.

Mothers of Practitioners Ms. Li Hengliang and Ms. Liu Liying Harassed

Ms. Li Hengliang’s 70-year-old mother lives in Nankouqian Township. After Ms. Li was released, plainclothes police from Fushun and Qingyuan went to her mother’s home to question and intimidate her, pressuring her for the name of the person to whom she gave the petition. Ms. Li’s mother said, “I gave it to you (the police officer).” The police then took the elderly woman to the county police department and questioned her again. She answered, “No matter where you take me, I will still say that I gave it to the Fushun police officer.” The officers still would not let Ms. Li’s mother go home after 6:00 p.m. Ms. Li Hengliang’s older sister, Ms. Li Meizhi, learned that her mother was still at the police department and called to inquire about her. She was told to go to the police department.

When she arrived, she was told she had to convince her mother to confess the details about the petition. Ms. Li told them that her mother also told her that the letter was handed over to the Fushun police. The police threatened Ms. Li, saying that they would get her fired.

Four people from the Municipal and County Police Department went to the Tukouzi town office in November 2012 to investigate the petition signed on behalf of practitioner Ms. Liu Liying. They first went to Ms. Liu’s sister-in-law’s home and learned that the petition was put together by Ms. Liu’s mother. They then found village chief Zheng Hongbin of Huangdi Village in Tukouzi, and asked him to take them to see Ms. Liu’s mother. They asked the elderly woman who she gave the petition to. Ms. Liu’s mother, who is blind, told them, “I wanted my daughter Liu Liying to come home quickly and take care of me. I asked villagers to sign, and I left the signed letter on the bed, but I don’t know who took it.” The police later found Ms. Liu’s husband and daughter, and told them that Ms. Liu would be released if her mother would tell them who she gave the petition to. The husband and daughter called the mother and asked her about the petition again. She told them that she left it on the bed and did not know who took it.

Mr. Liu Haitao’s Family Intimidated by Police

Two plainclothes officers went to Mr. Liu Haitao’s father’s home at 10:00 a.m. on November 8, 2012. They claimed they were from the community Political and Legal Affairs Committee. After asking Mr. Liu’s father his name, they said, “Who started the petition for your son? Why do this? What was said to those who signed?” Mr. Liu’s father said, “I did it to save my son. I told villagers that my son had been arrested because he practiced Falun Gong ,which teaches people to be good according to Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance. I told the villagers that I was going to ask for my son’s release, and needed everyone’s help. Signing their names would help me in seeking my son’s release. The elder villagers said that my son was a good person growing up and didn’t do bad things, so they agreed to help.”

When the officers asked to see the petition, Mr. Liu’s father showed them a copy. They wanted to see the original, but Mr. Liu’s father could not find it. They then took out a document and told Mr. Liu’s father to sign it, but he refused to and told them, “My son practices Falun Gong and did not do anything wrong or break any law, so you must release him.” The police asked Mr. Liu’s father for his phone number, and he gave them Mr. Liu’s sister’s cell phone number.

Mr. Liu’s sister and her husband went to the police department at 1:00 p.m. that same day. The police asked her who started the petition and where the original letter was. She said she did not know. The police officer got angry and started yelling and screaming to force her to confess. As that point, Ms. Liu’s husband entered the room and asked the officer, “Is this what you call an investigation? You look like you’re interrogating a criminal. What’s your name?” The officer would not say his name. An older police officer said, “He is young and a novice. Just ignore him.” Mr. Liu’s sister and her husband left.

Falun Gong practitioners are very grateful for their families and villagers’ help, and they hope all of them learn the truth about the persecution and remain happy and safe!

Information on the individuals involved in persecuting these practitioners:

Qingyuan County Police Department:
Sun Yu, department chief, sent from Fushun. After he took the post, Qingyuan County Police Department cooperated with Fushun Domestic Security Group numerous times to persecute Falun Gong practitioners in Qingyuan: +86-24-53030051, +86-13942339696
Zhou Fujie, political commissar: +86-24-53031833, +86-24-53032216, +86-13942351117

Qingyuan County Domestic Security Group:
Zhang Jingwu: +86-24-53030766, +86-24-53028486, +86-137-04934678
Zhou Jibin: +86-24-53077633, +86-24-53039176, +86-139-04139176
Xu Xiangchun: +86-24-53030717
Li Xin: +86-24-53030717, +86-138-42372007

Peng Yue, Fushun Domestic Security Group, participated in persecution activities many times: +86-24-52787387 (office), +86-138-41334590
Yang Wenjun, deputy chief of Fushun Police Department, responsible for the province-wide “F08” action: +86-24-52625821 (office), +86-159-41388787

Chinese version available

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