Ms. Liu Yongfen Abused in Baimalong Labor Camp, Her Current Condition Unknown

February 25, 2013 | By a Minghui correspondent from Hunan Province, China

( Ms. Liu Yongfen is a retired kindergarten teacher in Limin Iron Mine in Zhuzhou City, Hunan Province. Her family heard on February 1, 2013, that Ms. Liu, who was incarcerated in Baimalong Forced Labor Camp, had thyroid cancer and that her employer had arranged to cover her funeral costs. Her family was very surprised, since they had never been notified of her death. The family called Liu Yongxin, the Party secretary of Limin Iron Mine. He immediately hung up when the family explained what they wanted to know.

Ms. Liu Yongfen

Ms. Liu Yongfen, 61, was repeatedly taken to Baimalong Forced Labor Camp in Zhuzhou City. On December 26, 2012, the guard called her family and said that she was sick and needed surgery and that a family member had to sign for it. When the family members arrived, they were not allowed to visit Ms. Liu and were ordered to sign documents. They do not know whether she is alive or not. However, she seems to be in a very dangerous situation, since her employer has already arranged to cover the funeral expenses.

Ms. Liu has practiced Falun Gong since 1999, and she strives to be a good person according to Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance. She no longer fought with her husband for a divorce like she previously had done for over 20 years. She became open-minded and good tempered. Her diseases, including hyperthyroidism and uterine fibroids, disappeared and she became healthy. When the persecution started, like many other practitioners, she stepped forward to clarify the truth and suffered tremendously for doing so. She has been arrested seven times and sentenced to four years in prison. She has been sentenced to labor camps twice, and has been in detention over eight years. Her property and cash were confiscated and her pension was withheld.

From July 2012 to September 2012, she was taken to Baimalong Labor Camp three times by officers from the Chaling County Limin Administration Office and the Chaling County Domestic Security Division for two years of forced labor for clarifying the truth and persuading people to quit the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and its affiliated organizations. Because she was sick and her legs were almost paralyzed, she was rejected by the labor camp three times. She was watched at work and not allowed to return home. On November 16, 2012, before the CCP 18th National Congress, the Limin Administration Office cooperated with the police and again sent her to Baimalong Labor Camp when they found she had recovered. People who knew the truth thought it was unbelievable and that her employer should be criticized for doing such a thing.

Her legs became paralyzed as a result of torture. She was examined before being admitted to the labor camp and deemed ill, so the guards took her to the Zhuzhou City Second People’s Hospital for another opinion. She still did not pass the physical, but the camp authorities accepted her anyway.

On November 27, 2012, her family went to the labor camp to bring her some winter clothes. In the visitors’ room, guard Ning Li refused to take the clothes and said it was their policy. On December 26, 2012, a camp guard called the family and said that Ms. Liu was sick and needed surgery and that a signature was required from the family. When they went to the Zhuzhou City First Hospital the next day, they could not see Ms. Liu. Guard Zhu Rong, a chief of the division, brought the document and told them that the doctor thought Ms. Liu had thyroid cancer and needed surgery. The guard said that, if her daughter signed, Ms. Liu would be able to go home to get treatment. Her family asked why no such procedures had been required when she was arrested, but now, when Ms. Liu was tortured to the brink of death, official documents had to be signed? Huang, the head of the Entrance Division of the labor camp, and Guo Yuanqing, chief of the Administration Department, tried to persuade the family to sign over the phone. When they realized the family was unwilling to sign, they verbally abused them over the phone.

Her family is still not able to see her. The last time they saw her was the fourth time she was taken to the labor camp. At that time, Ms. Liu cried, and her legs, that were just recovering, again were giving her problems.

It is urgent that attention be paid to Ms. Liu Yongfen’s predicament.

Liu Yongfen’s workplace:

Liu Yongxin, the director of the Limin Iron Mine, Chaling County, Zhuzhou City: +86-18974162999 (Cell)
Financial Department, Baimalong Labor Camp, Hunan Province: +86-731-28634888 (Office)
Address: Qingshuitang, Shifeng District, Zhuzhou City, Hunan Province

Telephone for complaints: +86- 731-28634690

Li Xun, director
Long Guifang, political commissar, police ID: 4329003

Huang Weimin, chief of the Entrance Camp Division, ID: 4329300

Director of Hunan Province Camp, email:,

Hunan Province Labor (Drug Rehabilitation ) Bureau: 86-731-82275117

Chinese version available

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