From Atheist to Dafa Cultivator

March 03, 2013 | By Zheng Chun in Liaoning Province, China

( A Dafa practitioner relates the miracles she experienced before and after the persecution.

A Lifetime of Illness

I had poor health since childhood. Years and years of medical treatments never cured my health problems completely. Because of my poor health, I did not get married until I was 33. After I married, I was diagnosed with more illnesses. I developed severe rheumatism while giving birth to our child, which caused edema throughout my whole body. A bad cold would turn into long term sinusitis and repeated lung infections. In 1993, toxins in my work environment caused a relapse of my lung disease, and I was put on medical leave for eight months. During this period, I developed more illnesses, including chronic glaucoma, high blood pressure, and neurasthenia. While in the hospital I was diagnosed with chronic hepatitis. In addition to that, I had an undiagnosed skin disease that caused unbearable itchiness. I completely lost confidence in life. I cried every day.

My father, brother, and I all had a stubborn skin disease. When I was little, my father once accidentally overdosed me when treating my skin disease. I was poisoned and almost died. The high fever caused severe tuberculosis. My brother also went through countless treatments that cost a fortune, but his skin disease was never healed. My skin was covered with small, dense, itchy bumps. Constant use of medicine on my skin caused loss of elasticity, and the skin on my legs had almost no feeling. My mother worked as a nurse in a hospital. I had great faith in hospital treatment, but no hospital could cure my skin disease.

A Life Changed by Dafa

Fortunately, I began to practice Falun Dafa. The physical and psychological changes I’ve experienced have been tremendous. I have since recovered from those many illnesses. Falun Dafa’s effect on healing and fitness was a wonder to me. I started to believe that there are divine beings!

Falun Dafa taught me about the cause of illnesses and the purpose of life. My view of the world changed completely. I became relaxed and happy. I no loner fussed over little things, and I had good relationships with others. Everyone said that I was a changed person. Even the company leaders encouraged me to continue practicing Falun Dafa.

After practicing Falun Dafa, my concepts changed completely. I was surprised to see that when I did the sitting meditation and my legs hurt, those small dense bumps related to my skin disease were disappearing rapidly. Falun Gong is so wondrous. It has had a big impact on my previous concepts and notions. I realized that hospitals were not the only solution for treating illnesses. Cultivation can uplift the soul, purify the body, and eliminate all illnesses.

When I was in my 20s, I had a liver problem and the area around my liver was often swollen and painful. In 1993 when I was in the hospital due to lung disease, I was diagnosed with hepatitis B. Medical treatments did not bring about any improvement, and the area around my liver often ached. After I started the Falun Dafa exercises, for a period of time I felt severe pain from my liver to my legs and knees. I endured it. After the pain passed, an exam showed that my liver was completely normal! The problem was gone without my taking a single pill. The extraordinary changes in my body conquered my atheist mind. The changes happened when my moral standard rose.

After I began practicing Falun Dafa, I was under Buddha’s mercy, and my daily life became happy and fulfilling. Even people around me became kinder. They saw my changes and envied me. They continued to ask me about Falun Dafa. All my family members, relatives, and neighbors admired and supported my practice, since they witnessed the changes in me. Even the company leaders encouraged me to continue practicing Falun Dafa.

Brutal Persecution

On July 20, 1999, Jiang Zemin and the Chinese Community Party (CCP) began the brutal persecution of Falun Dafa. Since then, we have had no peace in the family. We have experienced home ransacking, confiscation of our property, and even illegal detention. The persecution broke apart my family. Seeing such a wonderful practice being persecuted, I was very sad. I went to Beijing to appeal for justice for Falun Dafa multiple times. I was detained three times. The police and government officials refused to listen to us. As soon as they saw Falun Dafa practitioners appealing, they beat and arrested us. There were police officers who knew that practitioners are good people but who still did what they were told by the higher officials. They thought that was their job.

The Power of Dafa Continues to Manifest

I have been arrested three times, detained in 10 different places, and tortured in more than a dozen ways. The brutal persecution made me see more clearly how evil the CCP is. And I understood more about Buddha’s mercy and sacrifice. While I was detained, my blood pressure shot up to more than 200, and my heart beat was very weak, but they still tortured me cruelly. They used a mouth-opening device and opened my mouth as wide as possible point for six hours per day. They broke my teeth. They continued to torture me while forcing medicine into me. They hung me up and handcuffed me. They force-fed me mustard sauce. They forced me to stand from morning to midnight. There were even more tortures than these. I wouldn’t have been able to survive if I were not a Dafa practitioner. It was Buddha’s protection and my firm belief in Dafa that allowed me to pass that critical test of life and death.

The police officers who tortured me thought I would not survive. They said I would die even if I were released. They had seen many people die at home after being tortured. A policewoman was puzzled and asked me, “After all this, how come you don’t have even one strand of gray hair?” Another police officer said, “She looks even better than before.” Well, how could they understand a cultivator? It is extraordinary, because I am with Dafa. I would not have survived without Buddha’s protection.

Falun Dafa teaches people to be good and uplifts society’s morality. It benefits people’s health and fitness. Atheism is a lie to fool people. It is every person’s responsibility to uphold and defend the truth of the universe.

Chinese version available

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