The “Death Bed,” Feces Stuffed into Mouth—Mr. Zhao Guoxing Brutally Tortured in Gongzhuling Prison

February 27, 2013 | By a Minghui correspondent in Jilin Province, China

( Falun Gong practitioner Mr. Zhao Guoxing of Jilin City has been brutally tortured in Gongzhuling Prison in Jilin Province since he was arrested and illegally sentenced to 10 years of imprisonment in 2007. Because he refused to be “transformed,” the guards put him in solitary confinement multiple times and tortured him with the Death Bed and a constraint uniform (see description below), and stuffed towels dripping with feces and urine into his mouth.

Since May 17, 2012, the 610 Office of the Jilin Province Forced Labor Bureau has been once again persecuting Falun Gong practitioners, and the Gongzhuling Prison has actively participated by setting up an office to “attack strongholds” in order to “transform” Falun Gong practitioners through brutal means.

Mr. Zhao did not succumb to “transformation” and was placed in the “Strict Discipline Team,” where he was tied up to the Death Bed and forced into a constraint uniform. He was given only half a bowl of congee rice for each of his three meals, and restroom usage was tightly controlled. The guards also canceled his family’s visits, and even forbade them from making phone calls to him.

Torture illustration: Death Bed

After Mr. Zhao was tied up to the Death Bed, he could not move and was forced to defecate in the bed. To protest the persecution, Mr. Zhao shouted, “Falun Dafa is good! Persecuting Falun Gong is a crime!” The guards ordered other inmates to seal his mouth with duct tape, but they were not satisfied and stuffed a towel dripping with feces and urine into Mr. Zhao’s mouth, almost suffocating him.

Inmate Wang Ming of the “Strict Discipline Team” was specifically assigned to monitor and torture Falun Gong practitioners under the guards’ orders. He once stomped on Mr. Zhao’s handcuffs to prevent him from shouting, causing the handcuffs to sink deeply into Mr. Zhao’s flesh. The blood circulation to Mr. Zhao’s hands was restricted, and his hands soon turned purple. After about two hours, someone loosened his handcuffs, but by that time he had lost feeling in his hands.

While Mr. Zhao was in the “Strict Discipline Team,” he would shout, “Persecuting Falun Gong is a crime!” whenever other inmates passed by the entrance, so the guards detained him in a confined cell and put a constraint uniform on him.

A constraint uniform, similar to a straight jacket, is a widely-used Chinese Communist Party instrument of torture. It is brutal. The sleeves and pants are intentionally extra long. After the victim is forced into the uniform, the guards tie up the hands and feet with the long sleeves and pant legs. The victim lays there, stiff and unable to move, like the living dead. Every minute is torture, and after a short while the victim has difficulty breathing.

Mr. Zhao is still being tortured in Gongzhuling Prison. We hope that those who hear about this will pay attention and together help stop the persecution of Falun Gong practitioners in Gongzhuling Prison.

Chinese version available

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