Taiwan: The Beauty of Shen Yun Stirs the Heart

(Minghui.org) New York-based Shen Yun Performing Arts staged five sold-out shows at Taiwan’s Taichung Zhongshan Hall on March 7-9, 2013.

Shen Yun “Beyond My Imagination,” Says TV Station Chairman

Formosa TV Chairman Tien Tsai-ting was impressed by the Shen Yun Performing Arts show.

Many people in the entertainment industry and the arts attended the Shen Yun show. Among them was Tien Tsai-ting, chairman of Formosa Television.

“How on earth did they do those stage effects so well!” Mr. Tien marveled during intermission. “The costumes were so beautiful and the backdrops so splendid. They are amazingly fantastic and beyond my imagination! They are truly remarkable.”

Mr. Tien Tsai-ting continued, “I truly agree with the principles of Truthfulness, Compassion, and Forbearance [the core teaching of Falun Gong]. We should do things righteously and with compassion, and say good things. Although Falun Gong is being severely persecuted in China, they still get together so that people from many different backgrounds can enjoy these cultural activities. I am indeed deeply moved.

“In this global village, what is most crucial is not to tell lies. So the principle of ‘Truthfulness’ is especially precious. As to the principle of ‘Compassion,’ it goes without saying that we should do things righteously and with compassion, and say good things.

“Lastly, the principle of ‘Forbearance’ is also something important in this global village. I believe Falun Dafa is good, although I haven’t done any in-depth research on the practice, but I can feel it.”

Finally, chairman Tien said, “Everyone in Taiwan should see the magnificence of Shen Yun.”

Formosa TV Station, better known as FTV, is the fourth largest TV network in Taiwan. It is also the country’s first privately-held TV station company. Tien Tsai-ting is a former lawmaker and chairman of an opposition party in Taiwan.

Shen Yun “Instills in Me a Sense of Belonging,” Says Legislator

Legislator Yang Chiung-ying feels that Shen Yun instills in her a sense of belonging.

Another smiling audience member, legislator Yang Chiung-ying, said that the two Chinese characters for “Shen Yun” are symbolic of a mighty body.

She also feels that after seeing Shen Yun, 2013 is going to be a very auspicious year for her.

“What’s displayed onstage by Shen Yun is very colorful,” she said. “Take ‘Inspired Dance of the Yi,’ for example. When the dancers spin their five-color skirts, the skirts instantly turn into large rings—it was very beautiful and outstanding. The performance made me feel very comfortable.”

Ms. Yang gave another example. “In the dance ‘When Shaolin Monks Protected the Emperor,’ all the young monks were very funny,” she said. “Everyone has his role to play. Regardless of whether they are the funny monks or the miserable rabbit that was cooked to tempt the Buddhist monks, every being has his or her mission in the world.”

Ms. Yang said that Shen Yun is a very high quality show that emanates tremendous energy. She praised the programs as being wonderful, instilling in her a sense of belonging.

Chinese Emperors “Would Also Be Awestruck,” Says Artist

Also in attendance was Chen Hanzhong, an artist who said that only Chinese emperors in the past could have seen such a magnificent performance as Shen Yun.

Artist Chen Hanzhong marvels, “Shen Yun is just magnificent!”

“Now we can all see the show,” he said. “Although I felt like we went back in time, I think even the court performers in the past probably couldn’t perform better than [the artists] in Shen Yun. If ancient emperors could see the show now, they would also be awe-struck!”

Mr. Chen enthused, “Shen Yun is just magnificent! The choreography is wonderful and the costumes are gorgeous. The music is perfectly matched with the dance. The way the female and male dancers perform is completely different.

“For example, the first half of the last piece featured costumes similar to water sleeves. Even though the dancers moved their sleeves very quickly, the choreography was able to follow along in a very harmonious and flawless fashion. The Tibetan youth were brilliantly matched against the background and colors.

“People would feel awesome to see a show that had just one outstanding performer, however, all the performers, dozens of them, danced so fabulously in Shen Yun!”

In speaking about the music, Mr. Chen explained, “We’ve been talking about whether they [Shen Yun] created its music first or its dance first? The music was beautifully compiled and perfectly synced with the dance. The music matched the many dancers’ movement, flawlessly. Their unspoken understanding is unimaginable for common people.

“It is very difficult for performers to perfectly synchronize their movements with just one piece of music. But every performer in Shen Yun can do that with many pieces of music. I really marveled at their abilities from the beginning of the show, to the end!”

Mr. Chen said the performers’ smiles, whether male or female, were very “truthful.” He added, “They conveyed an aura of sincerity. Their sincerity emanated from their hearts.”

Mr. Chen said that performers living under totalitarian rule can hardly be sincere, because, “They have to hide their bitterness during their performance. However, the Shen Yun performers express sincerity from their hearts.”

Mr. Chen concluded by saying that he was particularly impressed with the final piece in the first half. “I saw that the central theme in the dance was about gods. That is, people become divine because of this central thought. So these people have reached the realm of combining their human side with their divine side.”

The More We See Shen Yun, the More Knowledge We Gain, Says TV Director

Popular TV series director Lin Fudi attends Shen Yun performance praises Shen Yun as a “world class show” (Photo courtesy of Epoch Times)

Lin Fudi, director of the once wildly-popular prime-time TV series, Stars Know My Heart, was full of praise for Shen Yun.

“Shen Yun is a world-class performance. The dances contain elements of drama, the plots are very well written, the dancing and choreography are extremely wonderful, and all of the costumes are splendid. Since the performance can elevate one’s cultural level, more people in Taiwan should be encouraged to see the show.

“Shen Yun is able to tour the world over because they perform at such a high level. The show is indeed very good, including the overall presentation on stage, the dancing, and the choreography. We could tell all of this from the audience’s enthusiastic applause,” he explained.

“If I have the opportunity, I certainly would like to see it again, as this kind of performance has much to do with direction, that is, the more we see it, the more knowledge we gain. This kind of knowledge is something that can refine one’s aesthetic palate.”

“Divine Beings Really Do Exist,” Says Corporate Executive

Mr. Chang Hung-Chun, president of Hsinfu Development Logistic Co., attends Shen Yun, with his wife on March 7. (Photo courtesy of Epoch Times)

“It’s fantastic!” said Chang Hung-Chun, president of Hsinfu Development Logistic Company, after seeing the show. “Divine beings really do exist in this world! I will be more considerate of others from now on, and will let go of a lot of things.

“The costumes, the visual effects, and the backdrop projection, all look so real. I am amazed from the bottom of my heart,” said Mr. Chang.

“The dazzling costumes from various dynasties and ethnicities are all unique. There was no repetition here and they were very pleasing to the eye.”

Mr. Chang said that he felt strong energy around his body while watching the performance. “I felt that Shen Yun was telling us that divine beings really do exist in this world! Oh, the feeling was so real and the energy field was so strong.

I don’t know how to describe it. It’s like a feeling from a very long time ago that kept pinching my heart.”

“The first number, “Descending to the World,” gave me the feeling that there was a secret, an untouched secret in my heart. I was very emotional when I saw the last dance, “Divine Mercy.” I believe that everyone needs to cultivate themselves and do the right thing. A righteous thought is very important because it will decide which path you will take, right or wrong.”

Mr. Chang enjoyed both the spectacular scenes and the way Shen Yun relaxed his body and mind. “I feel that I am able to relax both physically and mentally. At the moment, I don’t have a care in the world. People nowadays think money means everything, but from now on, I won’t think this way!”

Shen Yun left Mr. Chang deep in thought, “The show makes me wonder whether I have helped anyone. Do I live for myself or others? What is the purpose of life?”

Sources: Minghui.org

Chinese version available

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