Ms. Zhao Limei Persecuted to Near Death, Family Outraged

March 25, 2013 | By a Minghui correspondent from Hebei Province, China

( Ms. Zhao Limei, a Falun Gong practitioner from Li County, Baoding City, was arrested by officers from the local Domestic Security Division. She was tortured and is on the verge of death. Her family was shocked at the news. They were outraged at officer Wang Junchang and said, “Look at how you have tortured her! ” Her family then took Ms. Zhao home.

Handcuffed, Blood Drawn, Not Allowed to Use Toilet

On March 5, 2013, Ms. Zhao was followed and reported to the police on Liwubei Street. She was arrested by Wang Junchang, Team Lead of the Domestic Security Division, and Fan Zhaoping and Zhang Hongtao from the610 Office. She was taken to the Li County Domestic Security Division. Wang Junchang took her MP3 player, 400 yuan in cash, and a bankcard from her pocket, and then handcuffed her to an iron chair. The police removed her handcuffs only when she started to go into convulsions.

Wang Junchang and other officers entered Ms. Zhao’s home using a master key. They confiscated many things and did not record the list of items that they took. While this went on, Ms. Zhao was not allowed to use the toilet, even after she asked permission.

Wang Junchang returned to the Domestic Security Division after the ransacking. He forced Ms. Zhao to go to the first floor at the police department for fingerprinting and photos. Ms. Zhao clenched her fist and refused to cooperate. Next they tried to draw blood, but she again clenched her fist, making it difficult. The police took blood from her palm and threatened to send her to the labor camp without a physical exam.

In the evening Ms. Zhao was detained in Li County County Detention Center. She did not eat. She felt nauseous and would vomit anything they told her to eat. Then she would have convulsions. Tian Lihui, Fan Zhaoping, Zhang Hongtao, and Li Qing from the 610 Office took turns monitoring her.

After several days of not eating, she became extremely weak. She managed to whisper to Wang Junchang, “If I die, you are the culprit, and you will be investigated by the World Organization to Investigate the Persecution of Falun Gong (WOIPFG). I am locked up here today, but soon it will be you.”

Employer Forced to Monitor Her in the Detention Center

Ms. Zhao was employed by the Radio & Television University under the Li County Education Department. Pressured by the CCP, her company was to arrange a group of teachers to take turns monitoring Ms. Zhao in the detention center. They reported her every move. Retired teachers and even ill teachers were called in to cooperate with this monitoring. There were even some teachers on leave with newborns that had to work the nightshift to monitor her. The conditions for this monitoring in the detention center were not pleasant, as two men and three women had to share one bed with one blanket. If anyone asked for time off, the Li County Education Department, treating this as a “political task,” would pressure the teachers to stay on the job.

The 610 Office informed the teachers that all this trouble was caused by Ms. Zhao. It was her fault, and not theirs. They were trying to confuse her co-workers and their families in order to damage her relationship with them. They were also hoping to stir up hatred against all Falun Gong practitioners.

Officer Zhang Yuexian Persecuted Ms. Zhao Limei

Police officer Zhang Yuexian, who was involved in the planning of Ms. Zhao’s arrest, said, “If you do not eat something soon, I will call in your son to come persuade you to eat.” Ms. Zhao told Zhang, “In 2011 my daughter-in-law lost a baby because you frightened her so badly. Now she is pregnant again. If you harass her, you will be investigated by the WOIPFG.”

Zhang Yuexian and many others had been planning this arrest for some time. Back in 2008 Zhang Yuexian accused Ms. Zhao of distributing flyers that denounced him and encourage people to quit the CCP. Ms. Zhao responded by saying that she only informs people of the truth. Ever since then, the police have entered her home at will. They come and go freely with no regard for Ms. Zhao and her family.

On September 23, 2009 Ms. Zhao Limei Was Sent to the Labor Camp for a Year

In January 2013, before the CCP’s annual meetings of the National Congress and the Political Consultative Conference, officer Zhang Yuexian followed Ms. Zhao and arrested her.

Ms. Zhao on Verge of Death, Her Family Outraged

On the afternoon of March 10, 2013, Ms. Zhao was extremely weak, having gone six days without food or drink. She was not able to open her eyes, and her heartbeat was irregular. The detention center did not want to take responsibility for her condition,so they notified her family to come and take her home.

Her family could see that she was on the verge of death after only a few days of detention. They were sad and outraged. They asked the police if she had killed anyone or set a house on fire. What wrong did she do to be tortured to near death in just a few days’ time?

The 610 Office’s plan to send Ms. Zhao Limei to the labor camp was scuttled. However, police officer Tian Lihui still wanted to send her to the hospital for further persecution. He went outside to quickly convince her to take the ambulance they had available for her. She refused and got into the car with her family and went home.

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