Persecution of Falun Gong Practitioners Still Rampant in Jilin Province Women’s Forced Labor Camp

May 10, 2013 | By a Minghui correspondent from Jilin Province, China

( Jilin Province Women’s Forced Labor Camp (also called Heizhuzi Women’s Forced Labor Camp) has a notorious reputation for brutally persecuting Falun Gong practitioners. The No. 2 Division of the labor camp was dissolved on July 14, 2012, and the practitioners detained there transferred to the other three divisions for further mistreatment.

Here is the status of some practitioners who were previously detained in No. 2 Division.

1. Ms. Yao Li

Ms. Yao Li from Nongan City was transferred to No. 1 Division. Her term was extended 20 days longer. After she was released on September 6, 2012, she was arrested again by officers from Nongan 610 Office and sent to a brainwashing center.

2. Ms. Gong Shuying

Ms. Gong Shuying from Changcun City was transferred to the No. 1 Division. When she was detained in No. 2 Division, because she refused to cooperate with the guards, she was hung up and cuffed to a metal bed for an entire day by former division head Ding Caihong and guard Xue Wei. She was detained alone in a solitary confinement cell for more than three months and later sent to do slave labor. After she was sent to the No. 1 Division, she still refused to cooperate with the guards. The guards would not give her food, and her health deteriorated. She had symptoms of phthisis which caused her to vomit blood and symptoms of thromboembolic colic.

3. Ms. Lu Hong

Ms. Lu Hong from Jilin City was transferred to No. 1 Division.

4. Ms. Liu Jiaxiang

Ms. Liu Jiaxiang from Wusong County was transferred to No. 3 Division. She was released on October 21, 2012.

5. Ms. Sai Guoxian

Ms. Cai Guoxian from Songyuan County was transferred to No. 3 Division. The first day she was sent to No. 3 Division, division head Liu Li and guard Ye Qiong forced her to stand straight for long hours and beat and shocked her with electrical batons. She was subjected to such torture for almost three months.

6. Ms. Wang Lanying

Ms. Wang Lanying from Changcun City was sent to No. 2 Division on December 28, 2011. While in No. 2 Division, she was subjected to various tortures such as standing still without moving for long hours, being beaten and cursed, and shocked with electric batons. She was transferred to No. 4 Division after No. 2 Division was dissolved. The guards in No. 4 Division severely abused the practitioners. Wang Lanying was tied to a bed and subjected to the torture method known as “the stretching bed” on September 10, 2012. Ms. Wang was repeatedly tortured this way. She was tied and stretched across a bed without her body touching the bed, for 36 hours the first time and more than 20 hours the second time. Months later Wang Lanying has still not recovered and is unable to walk by herself. Despite her condition, she is still forced to do slave labor every day. Her basic rights are being violated and her family is not permitted to visit her.

7. Ms. Xu Hui

Ms. Xu Hui is a practitioner from Songyuan City. She was supposed to be released on September 26, 2012. However just a few of days before her release date, a guard beat her. As a result, her face was covered with bruises and her feet and hands became numb. In order to cover up the abuse Ms. Xu was subjected to, she was not released in September, but continued to be held in the camp until October 18 when the marks from the beating finally healed.

8. Ms. Piao Taishu

Ms. Piao Taishu from Changcun City refused to tell the authorities her name. She was sent to No. 4 Division on July 20, 2012. Because she refused to give up her belief, she was made to stand straight for long hours without moving for more than six weeks. As she stood there she was punched and kicked, and guard Jin Lihua shocked her with electrical batons. She was tied to a bed and stretched for more than 12 hours by collaborators Wu Huimin and Jin Yingshu and later was hung up with both her hands cuffed to a bed for more than 50 hours, causing her feet to cramp. Guard Jin Lihua threatened to arrest her husband if she didn’t cooperate with them.

9. Ms. Fei Guiling

Ms. Fei Guiling from Liuhe County was sent to the labor camp on August 25, 2012. She was beaten and scolded by division head Zhu Dan. Guards Jin Lihua, Zhang Xiaohui and Sun Jia tied her up and stretched her out across a bed (the stretching bed torture) for more than 12 hours and then hung her up on a bed with both her hands cuffed together for 12 hours. Since she didn’t fulfill the “thought report” required twice a month, guard Zhang Xiaohui forced her to rewrite it repeatedly.

10. Ms. Liu Jun

Ms. Liu Jun from Changcun City was sent to the labor camp on May 8, 2012. Collaborators Wu Huimin and Jin Yingshu tortured her with hanging, the stretching bed torture and other mistreatment causing her to lose consciousness.


11. Ms. Lei Xiuxiang

Ms. Lei Xiuxiang from Jilin City refused to cooperate with the guards. She refused to wear the prisoner’s uniform and refused to do slave labor. Collaborators Wu Huimin and Jin Yingshu tied her up and stretched her out across a bed (the stretching bed torture).

Other practitioners, including Zhang Jianying and Ming Yanbo, were also mistreated. The son of one practitioner from Jilin City was arrested and police threatened to put him in jail even though he was not a practitioner.

Just before the opening of the Party’s 18th National Congress, on November 5, 2012 more guards, at least two to four, were assigned evening shift duties. Every evening after work around 4:30 p.m, the practitioners had to gather in the classroom to watch slanderous programs on TV. One guard was in front of the classroom and three in the back. No one was allowed to eat. Other guards would be called in to monitor if someone wanted to go to the restroom. This went on until November 20.

Then the original schedule was resumed again: 6:45 p.m.-off work; 7 p.m.-watching TV; 8:30 p.m.-bed time. The inmates were required to get up 5:30 a.m. After washing, everyone took a stool and sat in the hallway until 6:45 a.m. to have breakfast. After breakfast, they were sent to the workshops to work.

There were surveillance cameras everywhere: in the workshops, restrooms and the cells. At least one guard was assigned to each workshop to monitor the work.

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