Falun Gong – Minghui International Updated for 2013

(Minghui.org) We are pleased to announce the publication of an updated English edition of the Minghui International publication. A Chinese version was also recently published. Other language versions are expected to follow shortly. The format of the publication is a tabloid size newspaper totaling 16 pages. Images of the front cover and several of the interior spreads are presented below.

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Health Benefits

Persecution in China

Organ Harvesting

Table of Contents
Minghui International – May 2013 

Front Cover:
Falun Gong
A peaceful practice
for mind and body
now persecuted in China

Pages 2/3:  Introduction
An Introduction to Falun Gong
Benefits of Falun Gong
What Practicing Falun Gong Means to Me
The Five Exercises

Pages 4/5:  Health Benefits
Falun Gong: A Path to Exceptional Health
True Health Comes From Cultivating Both Mind and Body
Kicking the Habit

Pages 6/7:  Persecution in China
Torture Illustrated
Killed for Their Beliefs
Millions Wrongly Persecuted
Brutal repression of over 100 million people continues even today
Hundreds of Thousands Imprisoned
Architects of Evil

Pages 8/9:  Behind the Persecution
Once Celebrated, Now Persecuted in China
The story of Falun Gong’s rise and subsequent repression in China
Years of Accolades End in Brutal Persecution
Why China’s Communist Party Persecutes Falun Gong

Pages 10/11:  Propaganda & Organ Harvesting
The Big Lies
Misinformation and propaganda stand at the center of the Communist Party’s campaign to eradicate Falun Gong:
1. Burned Alive on Tiananmen Square
2. A Peaceful Appeal Wrongly Blamed for Persecution
3. Fabrications Allege Falun Gong “Responsible for 1,400 Deaths”
Hidden Horrors – Tens of thousands of Falun Gong practitioners have been killed for their organs
Evidence of Organ Harvesting

Pages 12/13:  A Global Issue
Persecution Exported Worldwide
Tens of Thousands of Chinese Citizens Demand Justice for Falun Gong
A Peaceful Resistance Is Turning the Tide

Pages 14/15:  Falun Gong Benefits Everyone
Photo collage
Sharing beauty with the world

Back Cover
The Persecution of Falun Gong Affects Us All
Four Quick and Easy Things You Can Do to Help
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Note: For information about publishing Minghui International in other languages, or to obtain a PDF suitable for printing in your local area, please have the person responsible for your area write to editor@en.minghui.org and be sure to put “Minghui International” in the subject line.

Minghui International and all other Minghui publications are protected by copyright. All rights reserved. 

Chinese version available

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