Dissolving Evil With Righteous Thoughts at the Masanjia Forced Labor Camp

June 06, 2013 | By a practitioner from Mainland China

(Minghui.org) During the Eighteenth Party Conference, there were a few banners hanging in our area to promote the Party. I decided to get rid of them by sending forth righteous thoughts so that sentient beings would not be interfered with and could learn the facts of Falun Gong. I spent more time sending forth righteous thoughts and it turned out to be effective.

However, there was one banner which was hard to remove. One day after a month of sending forth righteous thoughts I felt the energy was very strong. I asked Master to grant me more divine capabilities and use the ability of telekinesis to remove the banner and eliminate the wicked spirit of the regime so that sentient beings could be saved. After I had that thought, I felt that my whole body was surrounded by energy. Twenty minutes later, I had the feeling that the banner was destroyed. The second day, I came back and saw that one end of the banner had dropped and it was hanging from the other end. At 2 a.m., I reached out and removed it.

I was held at the Masanjia Forced Labor Camp. The following is my experience of eliminating the evil beings at the Masanjia Labor Camp by sending forth righteous thoughts.

The bloody flag falls down

At the Masanjia Labor Camp, I was held in a freezing cold room on the fourth floor where water could turn into ice very easily. Since it was too cold, even the guards could not take it. I was monitored twenty-four hours a day by collaborators. The rear window was facing an empty yard where there was a flagpole.

One day at noon, I saw guards order people who were held illegally in the three teams to line up and shout out CCP slogans, preparing to raise the flag. I immediately thought of Master’s words, “with the wave of a Buddha’s hand all of the human race’s sicknesses could vanish.” (“The Seventh Talk”, Zhuan Falun) Verified

I am Master’s disciple and should not let sentient beings’ minds be poisoned. I turned my face away and held one palm erect. I asked Master to grant me more energy and power to dissolve all evil beings and the spirit of communism that made use of it’s bloody flag to poison sentient beings. The ceremony of raising flags should not be successful. After that thought emerged, my mind fixed on the word “Mie” .

A few minutes later, I saw in my third eye that the flag had fallen down. However, I was not sure whether that was true or not since I saw it with my third eye. Then I heard collaborators shouting, “The flag fell down!” All of them were watching through the window. I came to realize that compassionate Master was encouraging me by letting me see the flag fall down through my third eye. From that point until I left, they never raised the flag any more.

I have been having much stronger righteous thoughts.

Songs that promote Wicked Party stopped

At Masanjia Labor Camp, during meal time every day, guards asked everyone to sing a song which was written to promote the wicked party before having the meal. I saw it very clearly on the fourth floor and asked Master to help me. I quietly recited the formulas to send righteous thoughts and completely eliminate all evil beings and factors behind the wicked songs. I also called the name of each guard to disintegrate the wicked beings behind them. In most cases, I was able to make the songs stop.

Sometimes when I called the name of the guard, I asked her not to think of having them sing the song. Then the detainees really did not have to sing the song before they could eat meals. Sometimes guards ordered detainees to walk in lines. I sent righteous thoughts and that was canceled as well.

Guards shouted, “She destroyed the statements!”

The fourth floor in Masanjia Labor Camp is the special place where practitioners were tortured. I was held in a small room for a long time and could hear practitioners shouting and crying and guards cursing as well as the cries of practitioners being shocked with electric batons. It was extremely terrifying and brutal. In such an environment, I recited the Fa and sent righteous thoughts according to different sounds that I heard. It was very powerful.

I learned that a practitioner who was taken there recently was tortured. I asked Master to help the practitioner keep righteous thoughts and actions and not cooperate with the guards. Practitioners should only walk on the path arranged by Master. I kept righteous thoughts and heard the wicked guards shout angrily, “She destroyed the statements!” I knew that this was the result of the practitioner being helped by Master.

“Why is the electric baton not working?”

One day, I was tortured by being hung on top of a bunk bed with my back facing the bed. A guard took an electric baton to shock my armpits. I asked Master for help and sent righteous thoughts to make the baton not work. Sure enough, the guard could not turn on the baton no matter how she tried. She was so angry that her face turned red. She shouted, “What happened? I could not turn it on!” She had to leave with the baton.

Director was about to beat me but he could not move his hand

During the Chinese New Year in 2011, the head of Masanjia Labor Camp came to check how each team was doing. The head of the team where I was held went around with him. The director was a strong man and collaborators asked me to say hello to the head. I said, “Falun Dafa is good.” He raised his hand and was about to hit me. I felt that Master was helping me. I recited the formula for righteous thoughts. He could only raise his hand, but could not strike me. Then he turned around and walked away. I knew that Master dissolved the tribulation for me.

Guards change their minds

One afternoon, a collaborator who was monitoring my activities told me that she had to ask someone else to replace her during the night. I asked her what happened. She said the director asked her to give a lecture to those practitioners who refused to be transformed. I said, “You have been transformed. Now you are going to spread the wicked thinking to others. You are doubly wrong and have made a lot of karma for yourself.” When she made excuses, I said that whatever she said, she was helping the guards do evil. I must stop her from doing that. Then I started to send forth righteous thoughts. I called her name and eliminated all the wicked beings behind her.

As a result, before the class started, she cried and came back. I asked her what happened. She said that the director who was in charge of manufacturing stopped her because he wanted others to sleep early since they had to work tomorrow. Production has to be done well. I knew that this was the result of my being helped by Master.

Since then, the guards have never asked her to give a lecture.

Chinese version available

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