Ms. Zhu Yumei from Shanghai Detained for Half a Year

August 28, 2013 | By a Minghui correspondent from Shanghai, China

( Six practitioners from Shanghai were arrested at their homes between the afternoon of October 31 and early in the morning of November 1, 2012. Five of them have been released, but Ms. Zhu Yumei is still being held.

Officers from the Changning District 610 Office, the local domestic security division and Beixinjing Police Station worked together to arrest Mr. Zhao Xianliu from Songjiang District; Mr. Ye Jianhua, his wife Ms. Zhu Yumei and their five-year-old daughter; Ms. Li Jing and her eight-year-old son, Ms. Lan Lizhi and Mr. Bao Decong. Mr. Bao is from the Hongkou District, and all the rest are from the Pudong District.

Police officers used a master key to gain access to the homes of Mr. Zhao Xianliu, Ms. Li Jing and Mr. Bao Decong at around midnight while they were asleep. Around 30 plainclothes police officers burst in and started searching their houses without showing any IDs.

Ms. Lan Lizhi was forced into a police van by a few men. They grabbed her house keys and ransacked her home. Police even turned over her mattress to search it.

Mr. Ye Jianhua was arrested in Nantong City while he was on a work trip. He was taken back to Shanghai later. Mr. Ye’s wife, Ms. Zhu Yumei, was arrested at their home. When she heard someone knocking at the door, she went and opened it. A group of people burst into the house. Her daughter was frightened and started crying.

Police went to the nursery where Ms. Li Jing’s son stays to find out more information about his mother.

All of the practitioners were held at Changning District Detention Center. Mr. Zhao Xianliu was later taken to Nanhui Prison Hospital and subjected to force feeding, as he was on a hunger strike. He was tied to a bed with his four limbs stretched to each corner. Ms. Lan Lizhi and Ms. Li Jing protested against the persecution and were subjected to torture as a result.

Apart from Ms. Zhu Yumei, the other five practitioners were all released on November 29, 2012. Ms. Zhao, Ms. Li and Ms. Lan had lawyers involved. Ms. Zhu Yumei’s lawyer asked to bail her out, but was refused by the personnel from Nanhui Procuratorate. Ms. Zhu’s case has now been handed over to the Pudong Court.

At the end of May, officers from Changning Domestic Security Division informed the five practitioners, apart from Ms. Zhu Yumei, via telephone and correspondence ordering them to go to the local police department to collect two statements. One was the ‘Release from Bail Statement’, the other one was the ‘Deposit Refund Statement.’ Police also returned money and items which they had previously confiscated. So far five practitioners have gotten the money back that their families paid for them after they were arrested.

However, the police only returned some confiscated items. Among the items that have been returned, some were damaged. Police officers did not return photos of Mr. Li Hongzhi and other Falun Dafa books, and the majority of their personal items. Police officers claimed that because practitioners were in possession of Falun Gong content, they couldn’t return it to them. Other things that have not been returned include laptops, ipads, electronic books, mobile phones, computer hardware, a U disk, stationary and some money. All unreturned items have been listed on a document with the Changning Domestic Security Division and Shanghai Police Department stamps on it.

According to the practitioners, the property that the police kept was worth much more than the things on the list. They then asked those who took care of refunding items about where the rest of their items were. The answer was, “Don’t know.” Practitioners continued to ask, “Why won’t you return all of the items to us? Answer, “This is the inside rule.” The final question they asked was, “Where did the rest of our things go? Answer, “They have gone to the department of Logistics.”

Those responsible for refunding:

Wang Jun (王俊), responsible person: +86-21- 62906290 Ext.-domestic security division Shen Xiaolei, police officer: +86-13061996102 (Cell), +86-21- 23039463

Chinese version available

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