Farmer Ms. Qi Fengmin Sentenced to Another Five-Year Prison Term

December 04, 2013 | By a Minghui correspondent from Jilin Province, China

( A female farmer who had been imprisoned for five years, was illegally sentenced to another five years in prison on September 30, 2013, for practicing Falun Gong. Her two daughters who are still in school have no one to take care of them. She has appealed to a higher court.

Ms. Qi Fengmin, 45, is from Keshan County, Qiqihar City, Heilongjiang Province, and now lives in Baicheng City, Jilin Province.

Ms. Qi gave a DVD of the Shen Yun Performing Arts show to a bicycle repairman on April 9, 2013. He later reported her. Ms. Qi was arrested by deputy director Lu Jizhou, political instructor Yu Hongli, and officer Hao Yanhui from the Guangming Police Station in Baicheng City. Her home was ransacked.

Ms. Qi was transferred to the Tongyu County Detention Center on April 15. The Taobei Police Department approved her arrest on April 27. Before June 10, 2013, chief Zhang Nannan of the Taobei District Procuratorate had already charged her and transferred her case to the Taobei District Court.

The Taobei District Court tried Ms. Qi on July 18, 2013. An attorney from Beijing, who was hired by her family, defended her and asked for her immediate and unconditional release. The court officials had no rebuttal, but they still refused to release her.

Demanding Money from Underage Children

The Tongyu County Detention Center called Ms. Qi’s daughters on July 20, 2013, claiming that she was ill and needed money for medical exams and asked the girls to send money to them. After hearing that their mother had become ill in detention, the girls cried and said, “We want our mother. She used to be healthy. Why is she sick now?” Her daughters are both students. Without any income, they had no money to send, so they had to seek help from their relatives.

The family went to the Tongyu County Detention Center to visit Ms. Qi on July 23, 2013, but the guards did not let them see her. They said the family just had to leave money. The guards later took Ms. Qi to Tongyu County Hospital for a checkup but did not allow the family to see her.

Her daughters and relatives were worried about Ms. Qi’s physical condition. The family visited Zhang Enyou of the Taobei District Court in early September, but Zhang refused to see them. He told them over the phone that the case was still under discussion. The family found director Sima of the 610 Office. He claimed that the case had already been taken to the court and was out of his control.

Taobei District Court sentenced Ms. Qi to a five-year prison term on September 30, 2013, without notifying her family or her lawyer.

Forced Into Hard Labor

Ms. Qi was arrested at home before the Beijing Olympics on July 4, 2008. She was taken to the Keshan County Detention Center and transferred to the Qiqihar Detention Center four months later. She was sentenced to five years in prison in February 2009.

Ms. Qi was transferred to the Heilongjiang Province Women’s Prison on February 25, 2009. After being tortured and subjected to brainwashing for nine months, Ms. Qi was sent to a long term, intensive slave labor facility. Her jobs included packaging toothpicks and cotton swabs, as well as pasting paper bags and boxes. Sometimes she had to work until midnight or even all through the night.

Ms. Qi’s mother-in-law died as a result of the persecution in 2010. Her husband divorced her because he was afraid the Chinese Communist Party would persecute him, too. He abandoned their two daughters who were facing college entrance exams at the time. The girls did not see their mother again until July 2012, when Ms. Qi was released from prison.

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