Three Falun Gong Practitioners Illegally Tried in Guangdong Province

December 27, 2013 | By a Minghui correspondent from Guangdong Province, China

( Three practitioners from Guangdong Province were arrested on August 1, 2013, for explaining the facts about Falun Gong and the persecution to people. They were detained, tortured and illegally tried on November 8, 2013.

Ms. Wu Youqing and Ms. Hu Xiuhui from Gaozhou City and Ms. Li Qiao from Xinyi City were arrested in Wangsha Town, Xinyi City. They were initially held for administrative detention in the Xinyi “Lockup.” However, the police reclassified their case and transferred them to the Xinyi Detention Center for criminal detention at 9:30 a.m. on August 10.

Illegal Trial, Fabricated Facts

Ms. Wu’s family was informed on November 4 that a court session for the three practitioners would be held on November 8. However, Ms. Hu’s husband was not notified of the court session; he only learned about it from one of Ms. Wu’s family members. When he called the court to confirm it, he was told that officials were still discussing the case and the session date was yet to be determined.

Ms. Wu’ family had hired a lawyer. The court also didn’t notify the lawyer about the court session. After being notified by Ms. Wu’s family, the lawyer had to rush to Xinyi Court on November 5 to access the case files.

The court hearing for the three practitioners was in fact held on November 8. All three appeared in court in handcuffs and shackles. Three family members attended the session. Ms. Wu ‘s lawyer entered a not-guilty plea on her behalf.

The prosecutor listed the so-called “evidence:” copies of pamphlets and CDs with information about Falun Gong found in the defendants’ vehicle. He stated that based on this “evidence,” the practitioners could be sentenced from 7 to 9 years in prison.

The police had confiscated several thousand yuan in cash from the practitioners during arrest. However, the prosecutor told the court that only a few hundred yuan had been taken.

Parties involved in the persecution: Chen Rongqi (陈荣奇), Yang Ronggui (杨荣贵) and Li Shengfang (李晟昉) from the Wangsha Police Station in Wangsha Town, Xinyi City, Guangdong Province: +86-668-8738444 Yang Jianquan (杨剑泉), Gao Cuiyun (高翠云), Mao Ling (毛玲), Luo Zijing (罗子京) and Zhou Dejian (周德健) from the Domestic Security Division, Xinyi Police Department in Guangdong Province Ou Yicai (欧乙才), the Domestic Security Division, Xinyi Police Department in Guangdong Province: +86-13929761422 (Cell) Xu Yuewen (许月文), presiding judge of the Xinyi Court in Guangdong Province: +86-13580031891 (Cell)

Please refer to the original Chinese article for additional individuals and agencies involved in the persecution.

Chinese version available

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