New Falun Dafa Practitioner: Cherishing the Chance to Cultivate

January 18, 2014 | By a new Dafa practitioner in Shandong Province, China

( I started truly practicing Falun Dafa in June 2012. At the age of 14 and while in middle school, I had learned the practice with my mother during a summer vacation. Although I didn’t stick with it, I remembered that I would receive virtue when I’m good and receive karma if I hurt others or misbehaved. I also kept firmly in my mind that “Falun Dafa is good” and “Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good.”

I resumed cultivation 15 years later at the end of June last year. Although I did not cultivate in the past 15 years, I knew that Master has protected me when I was in danger and helped me when I was in trouble. I would encounter tribulation to pay off the karma when I did something wrong.

Benefiting from Falun Dafa

I always kept in mind that Falun Dafa is the best in the world. Perhaps, it is because I supported my mother in practicing Falun Dafa I was blessed greatly.

I was a rural girl, working at low-paying jobs. Therefore, I could not save enough money for my dowry. When I got married, my husband’s family did not ask me to bring anything because they were well off. Also, my parents-in-law and all my husbands relatives are very kind to me. My mother always said that I was blessed because of my support of Falun Dafa. I didn’t really believe this, but I believed it after I became a practitioner.

We had a little boy who grinned from ear to ear since he was born. He laughed happily when he saw my mother. I did not think of the reason in depth. But, after I became a practitioner some small kids grinned at me. When I told my mother, she said:,“The children might have seen Master’s ‘law body’ because they have a pure mind. Doesn’t your son laugh all day long?” I understood that, even if the children did not see Master’s law body, they could feel the strong energy field around a Falun Dafa disciple.

My son had boiling water poured over his feet when he was six months old. Remembering that my mother often told me that Falun Dafa is good and Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good, I kept reciting these few words continuously. Miraculously, his skin was only a little red.

Then, my husband suddenly felt uncomfortable in his chest. He drove to the hospital. A doctor called me and said that my husband was in the intensive care unit and a family member needed to get there quickly. I asked my father-in-law to watch my son and then rushed to the hospital. I was very worried and afraid. I constantly recited “Falun Dafa is good” and “Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good.” Suddenly, a taxi stopped and the driver asked me where I was going. He drove me to the hospital. At that time, my gratitude to Master was beyond words.

I was not afraid when the doctor told me that my husband’s condition was very serious. Since I didn’t cry the doctor said, “You should not be so optimistic. The cardiologist will be here soon to do the angiography. A myocardial infarction can kill easily.” I believe that every practitioner would clearly understand my feeling at that moment. I had no fear because I clearly knew that Master was on my side to protect me and nothing would happen. The surgery did not take long. He stayed in the hospital only for a few days.

Many such incidents have happened. I knew Master is good and Dafa is good, but I still did not step on my Falun Dafa cultivation path.

However, I dreamed that I drove against the traffic and there was a serious accident. I also dreamed that I was in a very bad neighborhood where murder, robbery, and other bad things frequently took place, but I was not afraid. However, I still did not want to bear hardship and give up ordinary people’s pleasures and comfort.

Becoming a Practitioner

At the end of June 2006, my son coughed badly for more than two months. He was checked into the hospital twice. We had tried western medicines and Chinese medicines, but to no avail. While he was coughing one night, I said, “My baby, it seems that only Master can save you. Let us read the Falun Dafa books together.” I broke through the internet blockade and got on the website with software my mother had given me. We read Hong Yin for a while before we went to bed. Coughing is generally worse at night. Amazingly, he almost did not cough the whole night. That night, I sincerely kowtowed to Master three times and decided to cultivate. My mother came to teach me the five exercises in early July.

Then, I dreamed of sitting in a river and the river water became the shape of a raft and carried me forward. I also dreamed of riding on an unknown animal. That feeling was particularly wonderful. When I walked on the streets, I felt the blue sky, the fresh air, and the amiable people… I really felt like shouting out to the whole world “I am a Dafa practitioner! I am the happiest person. Falun Dafa is the best.”

As a new practitioner, I did not know how to clarify the truth about Falun Dafa, but I spoke to people when I had a chance. I had a haircut the first day I started practicing the exercises. I helped my barber and a taxi driver quit the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and its affiliated companies. I told my mother, “That driver’s smile was so magnificent.” My mother said, “It was because Master encourages you through other people.”

Becoming Lazy and Missing Opportunities

My mentality has matured since I began to practice cultivation over one year ago, but I developed an attachment to laziness. I cannot complete the five exercises sometimes. When I practice the fifth exercise, I often have a thought of putting down my legs not long after I crossed them. I have persisted to sit in the meditation for the full hour only four or five times since I started cultivation. Even though my mother said that if I can do the full hour once I can keep doing the full hour, I was afraid of the pain and could not endure as Master requires. I often feel distressed and regretful after I put down my legs.

My mother-in-law was admitted to the hospital this year. I thought of clarifying the truth about Falun Dafa to the nurses, but I missed many opportunities because I had attachments to fear and pride.

I went out to buy lunch and got locked out at noon one day. I was pretty sure I did not lock the door. The nurse could not open the door with the spare key either. I instantly recognized that I should clarify the truth to her. The door was unlocked as soon as she agreed to quit the CCP and its affiliates. I felt ashamed that I hadn’t thought of it earlier. I have stumbled and made Master worry.

Unable to Consummate Is Most Regretful

My husband asked me if I understood what regret means. I responded, “You recognize something as something you should not do and that it would hinder your success in improving, but you still go ahead to do it. The result is regrettable.”

After we returned home from the hospital, I pondered what Master says about regret while hanging the clothes to dry in the air. When I asked Master in my heart, one sentence “Unable to consummate is most regretful” clearly came to my head and shocked me greatly. That is right. To a practitioner, what is more important than consummation?

Only after cultivating in Falun Dafa do I understand what humility means. I am not a wise person. But I am definitely not the average type of person who can either cultivate or not. I will strive to get rid of all attachments such as jealousy, showing-off, competition, lust, laziness, forbearance, and others. I will improve myself greatly to reach consummation and return home with Master.

I would like to thank Master for his compassionate salvation.

Chinese version available

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