Sales Director Detained for Over Six Months

January 20, 2014 | By a Minghui correspondent from Sichuan Province, China

( Mr. Ye Jian, 40, was illegally arrested by police from Nanbu County in the morning of June 19, 2013. He has been detained ever since.

Mr. Ye was sent to the Nanbu County Detention Center around 3 p.m. on June 20, 2013. He was secretly transferred to the Nanchong City Brainwashing Center the next day. His family didn’t receive any notification of the transfer.

Officers Jing Qiuhao, Meng Changjun, and others from the Nanbu County Police Department’s Domestic Security Division transferred Mr. Ye to the Nanchong City Detention Center on October 29, 2013. The Procuratorate has now sent his case back to the Nanbu County Police Department.

Arrested at Work

Mr. Ye is the director of the Nanbu County Sales Division of the Huaxi Securities Company in Sichuan Province. Around 5 or 6 p.m. on June 19, 2013, while on his way to work, he received a call from a colleague, telling him that a customer wanted to open an account.

Another colleague then tried to text him that police were waiting for him at the company, so he shouldn’t come to work. However, the text was intercepted and the colleague’s cell phone was confiscated.

Mr. Ye was arrested by plainclothes police as soon as he arrived to work. His car and laptop computer were confiscated.

That night, officers from the Nanchong Police Department broke into his home and ransacked it. They confiscated his personal belongings and Falun Gong books, videotaping the whole incident in order to frame Mr. Ye.

Mr. Ye’s mother and his manager, Mr. Liu Yong, went to the Nanbu County Police Department to speak to Jing Qiuhao, captain of the Domestic Security Division. However, they were not allowed to meet with Jing, who was interrogating Mr. Ye at the time . Their requests to see Mr. Ye were also denied.

After repeated demand, Mr. Liu was finally allowed to see Mr. Ye the next day. Mr. Ye told his manager that he did not break any law, and that he was arrested illegally. He asked Mr. Liu to inform his family to hire a lawyer.

To shed responsibility for their crime and extort money from Mr. Ye’s family, the Nanbu County Domestic Security Division claimed that the Chengdu Public Security Bureau had ordered the arrest. They accused Mr. Ye of sending information against the Chinese Communist Party over the Internet.

The police threatened Mr. Ye’s family that he would be sentenced to prison if he refused to renounce Falun Gong.

Parties involved in the persecution:

Yuan Gang (袁刚), director of the Nanchong City Police Department: +86-13990821999, +86-08172537888 (O)
Fu Shaolin (伏少林), officer of the Nanchong City Brainwashing Center: +86-13198829186
Yang Ze (杨泽), director of the Nanchong City 610 Office: +86-08172221198 (O), +86-08172245598 (H)
Jing Qiuhao (敬秋毫), captain of the Domestic Security Division of the Nanbu County Police Department: +86-13508274368
Wu Zongxue (吴宗学), director of the Nanbu County Police Department: +86-13890850999

Chinese version available

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