Furniture Store Owner Held in Brainwashing Center

January 22, 2014 | By a Minghui correspondent from Sichuan, China

( Falun Dafa practitioner Ms. Yang Yafei, a furniture store owner from Chengdu City, was illegally arrested on September 4, 2013.

Police detained Ms. Yang at the Chengdu Detention Center. She refused to cooperate when interrogated, and was later transferred to the Jinnu Brainwashing Center where she has been detained for four months.

On the day of Ms. Yang’s arrest, police also arrested Mr. Yang’s mother, Li Zhongfang and the store salesperson, Hong Yizhao. Ms. Li’s home was illegally searched, and most of her personal belongings were confiscated.

Ms. Yang Yaifei

Ms. Yang’s family discovered that the Fuqin Police Station had attempted to fabricate evidence against her, but that charge was rejected by the Jinniu District Prosecutor’s Office. However, the Jinniu District 610 Office threatened to continue gathering evidence to charge Ms. Yang a second time.

Hunger Strike to Protest the Persecution

Due to Ms. Yang’s arrest, her store was closed for some time and incurred an estimated loss of more than 100,000 yuan. Due to this economic hardship, her family was forced to sell their home.

To complete the transaction, they needed Ms. Yang to sign the paperwork. After the family made repeated requests, the police finally arranged a visitation at the station on December 4, 2013.

Ms. Yang’s father and aunt went to visit and were heartbroken by her appearance. Ms. Yang told them that she had been on hunger strikes twice to protest her imprisonment and abuse. Each hunger strike lasted seven days. She was monitored by two inmates at all times and forced to watch videos at an extremely high-volume that slandered Dafa. She was also ordered to write statements renouncing her belief in Falun Gong.

Family’s Effort to Free Ms. Yang

The family repeatedly asked the Fuqin Police Station to release Ms. Yang. Police officer Liu Zhu said that she could be released in two weeks if the district public prosecutor’s office rejected the charges.

Officer Wang Ning then told the family that Ms. Yang’s case had been transferred to the district public prosecutor’s office, and the station had no right to release her. He also repeated the claim that if the prosecutor’s office did not accept the charges, she could be released within a few days.

However, three weeks went by and nothing happened. Ms. Yang’s father called the Fuqin Police Station on December 26 and a clerk said that officer Liu Zhu had just returned from a business trip and would not be able to handle her case for another two weeks.

The family also inquired at the prosecutor’s office, but they said that they did not have her case.

Ms. Yang’s father then called Wang Pingbo, Jinniu District Domestic Security Division head. Wang, however, said that he was too busy and hung up the phone.

Grave Concern for the Well Being of Both Ms. Yang and Hong Yizhao

During this winter season, both Ms. Yang and Hong Yizhao lack protective clothing. When Ms. Yang’s family sent clothes to the Jingnu Brainwashing Center on December 25, a guard with the last name Xia, threatened not to give it to Hong Yizhao. Xia also refused to give Ms. Yang the food the family sent, saying, “She refuses even the food we give to her!” Her family is worried that she might be on another hunger strike.

Chinese New Year is approaching, but Ms. Yang and Hong Yizhao cannot be reunited with their families. They are being persecuted and illegally detained at a brainwashing center far away from their families. Their families are very worried about them.

Parties directly involved:
Fuqin Police Station: +86-28-87784291 Police officer
Liu Zhu (刘铸): +86-18982164203 (Cell) Jinniu District Domestic Security Division: +86-28-86406297 Officer
Wang Pingbo (王平波): +86-13982193266 (Cell) Jinniu District 610 Office: +86-28-87705679
Head Xie Lejie (谢乐杰): +86-28-87705219 (Office), +86-13881913333 (Cell), +86-28-87668771 (Home)
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