Ms. Xuan Shuang Arrested for Reading Falun Gong Books at Home (Photo)

February 11, 2014 | By a Minghui correspondent from Heilongjiang Province, China

( Ms. Xuan Shuang from Daqing City, Helongjiang Province, was illegally arrested by police on May 14, 2013, along with four other practitioners who were studying Falun Gong books at her home.

Ms. Xuan Shuang

Officers from the Daqing Oil Field Police Department carried out the arrests and ransacked Ms. Xuan’s home in Datong District, confiscating her computers, printers, and other personal belongings.

Ms. Xuan has been detained in the Daqing City’s No. 1 Detention Center for over 8 months. She now faces trial by the Zhaozhou County Court.

Kind and Selfless Woman Persecuted

Ms. Xuan, 47, started practicing Falun Gong in 1998. Before that, she had experienced prolonged drowsiness, severe headaches, tightness in her chest, and various other ailments. After she began to practice Falun Gong, all of her illnesses magically disappeared, and she gained a happier and healthier life.

By following the principles of Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance, as taught in Falun Gong, she became less selfish, more cheerful and more considerate of others.

Here are a few examples:

A colleague of her husband was very ill and required immediate hospitalization. His family was poor and wanted to borrow money from Ms. Xuan. Thinking of others first, Ms. Xuan took a taxi to the hospital and gave money to the family.

Her husband had an affair and divorced her. Ms. Xuan was left with no income and took on odd jobs to support herself and her young son. When she cleaned offices for upper management, she did the work with the utmost care and never touched important documents or money left on their desks.

Unit supervisors soon began to notice her good work. To celebrate New Year’s or other holidays, they would offer her a bag of rice or a barrel of oil. However, she always refused the gifts.

Despite her small salary, she still managed to give some money to help her aging parents. While her life was impoverished, she felt very happy because her heart had turned toward goodness through the practice of Falun Gong.

When her sister had surgery, Ms. Xuan visited her every week and brought her favorite fruit, which was very expensive. She could never afford to buy the fruit for herself.

Upon seeing the positive changes in her, long-held family resentments were soon forgotten, and Ms. Xuan’s relationship with her parents and siblings greatly improved.

These are just a few examples of how Ms. Xuan has benefited from practicing Falun Gong. Despite her kind and peaceful demeanor, however, she has been persecuted for her faith.

We call on the international community to help rescue Ms. Xuan and stop the Chinese communist regime’s persecution of Falun Gong practitioners in China.

Chinese version available

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