From Facing Death to a Life Full of Hope

February 23, 2014 | By a Dafa disciple in Jiangxi Province, China

( I was very fortunate to become a Falun Gong (Falun Dafa) disciple. My life turned completely around when I started to cultivate in Dafa. I have become healthy and my future has been bright ever since.

Serious Health Problems

Those people who got into colleges in the early eighties were highly regarded in China, and I was one of them. On top of it, I was the first college student in my parents’ work place, and people around us all looked up to me. However, I was diagnosed with ascites when I was about to graduated from college.

I didn’t understand what ascites meant, but I realized how serious it was from the doctors’ expression. None of the large hospitals in Nanjing City could find the cause of my ascites. My liver function didn’t seem to be abnormal and the possibility of infection caused by blood fluke was also excluded. The only CT scan in the province didn’t provide additional information in identifying the root cause, either.

I was hospitalized twice for my health problem. Doctors later discovered when they did a liver biopsy that my ascites was caused by hepatitis.

Nonetheless, one doctor said, “Currently, there is no way to cure the problem; we have to wait for new development in this field.” They all felt sympathy for me. I asked them how long I had to live and they told me that I may be able to live for another dozen years with some special treatments.

I was in dismay and thought: How did I get this problem? was I infected by eating on the street? Had I known that I suffered from ascites, I wouldn’t have become a college student and I’d rather become a farmer in the rural area; my parents will feel very sad when they find out.

With my health problem, no employer would hire me except for a school in my hometown. After I graduated from college, I returned to my hometown to teach.

I went to see a doctor of Chinese medicine and he felt sorry for me as well. My first month’s income was used to pay for Chinese medicine. I didn’t know what my future would look like.

I was weak and suffered from a cold all the time. Later, I suffered from bad digestion or spleen problems. During a physical examination that was organized by the school, the doctor discovered that my hepatitis B had recurred.

Becoming Healthy after Practicing Falun Gong

I practiced different Qigong and Tai Chi to solve my health problems, but I still needed to see a doctor periodically. This situation didn’t change until 1996 when I started to practice Falun Gong. I began to understand the meaning of life and the root cause of illness and tribulations.

I watched Master’s nine-day lectures on video, and felt significant changes in my body on the fourth day. I soon got rid of all my health problems and I became stronger day by day.

Looking Younger than Others

I was held in a prison for six years after the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) began to persecute Falun Gong. I remained steadfast in my belief in Dafa, studied the Fa and did the exercises almost every day. Although I was persecuted, I was healthy during that time. The prisoners said among themselves, “Although this Falun Gong practitioner eats only cabbage and radish every day, his complexion has become better and better.” When I told them the facts about Falun Gong, they all denounced the CCP because even though they had committed crimes, they believed that the CCP was much worse than they were.

I studied the Fa and did the exercises every day during the last two years that I was in prison. After I was released, my colleagues and former classmates were all surprised to see that I had not changed much, while they were getting older. Some of them even said that I looked younger than I did six years ago.

I know that my good health and rosy complexion were a result of my practice of Dafa. The prison guards interfered with my practice at the beginning, but they all suffered from karmic retribution to various degrees. After that they didn’t interfere with my practice any more.

Back when I suffered from ascites the doctor said that I could only live a dozen years, but I am still alive after 26 years. Although I am nearly 50, some people have said that I look like somebody in his thirties, while others say that I looked like someone in his late twenties. Once, when I was standing next to my youngest sister, who is in her thirties, her colleagues thought that I was her younger brother!

Positive Changes Because of Dafa

Despite my poor health, I pursued self-interest after I had graduated from college. As a teacher, I asked my students to purchase unique and brand-name products from different areas, such as porcelain from Jingdezhen City, special alcohol from Zhangshu City, bronze drums from Ji’an City, and dried mushrooms and bamboo shoots from Xiushui County. Oftentimes, I only paid them half the price or even nothing when they brought me these items. I also competed with others for all sorts of benefits.

When I started to practice Falun Dafa, I realized that pursuing self-interest created more karma and increased tribulations. Thus, I followed the requirements of Dafa and readily gave up my attachment to material benefits.

While several teachers and I were guiding students in their internship program off site, the students noticed some differences between me and the other teachers. They said among themselves that I was practicing Falun Gong and didn’t pursue fame and benefits like others. For sure, I had changed significantly because of Dafa. I was responsible for students and also compassionate. I had no problems forgiving them when they made mistakes.

I got along well with my colleagues. Some of them said to me, “You can greet everyone you run into, but we cannot do that.” Without attachment to fame and personal benefits, I just wanted to do my job well. Thus, my colleagues were friendly to me. When we had any misunderstandings, I could calmly resolve the issue so that others were moved and felt regretful for fighting. Additionally, I was recognized as an excellent teacher in my school.

Due to the pressure from the Chinese Communist Party, I lost my job at the school, but many colleagues still asked me when I would return to work.

I am so grateful to our great Master for saving me and providing me with a bright future.

Chinese version available

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