Key Differences Between the Chinese Communist Party and Political Parties in Normal Societies

February 26, 2014 | By Qi Zheng

( The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) claims that it is the ruling party of China and positions itself the same as other political parties in the world. Its propaganda often reports scandals of political parties in other countries, trying to paint the picture to the Chinese people that all the political parties in the world are as bad as the CCP.

The question: Is the CCP really the same as other political parties in normal societies?

Absolutely not. The key difference is that normal political parties follow the social norm and serve their society, but the CCP tries to control its society, and is even against it.

The CCP Overrides Government Agencies

The CCP overrides and tightly controls governmental agencies and functionality, which is fundamentally different from other political parties. In most countries, the political parties cannot give orders to government civil servants. In the Western civil servant systems, the civil servants are neutral to political parties, and do not follow any party directives. The CCP is different. It sets up party committees at every level of government, supervising and controlling every governmental department.

Controls Legislative Authority

The Communist Party tightly controls the legislative power. This is fundamentally different from other political parties. In most countries, the ruling party can only influence the legislative power through negotiation or debate.

The ruling party may not even be the majority in the House or Senate, so its power is restrained by the legislative body. In the so-called people’s congress, the CCP also establishes party committees so that it can pass any bills or laws it wishes. The National People’s Congress is just a formality to deceive the public.

Controls Judicial Functions

Judicial agencies are independent in most countries. The political parties cannot interfere with their operations, procedures and decisions. Even presidents can be impeached.

However, the CCP has the Political and Legal Affairs Committee (PLAC) that supervises and controls courts, procuratorates, police departments, and prisons.

Controls Military Power

The CCP tightly controls the military power. The military is independent of any political parties in most countries. But the CCP insists that “the party controls the guns.” In other words, the military belongs to the CCP, not China. The Party’s central military commission is the commander-in-chief of the military.

Has a Tight Grip on Businesses

Private property is respected in normal societies. However, in the name of “socialist public ownership,” the CCP controls all the important economic components, such as land, energy, mineral resources, financial system, transportation system, and communications system. The party not only directly controls the state-owned enterprises, but also indirectly controls private enterprises.

Controls Social Lives of It’s People

From birth to death, a citizen’s life is under the CCP’s control. Without a permit, a citizen cannot give birth to a baby, and sometimes a woman is forced to go through abortion.

After death, the corpse must be cremated. The household registration system is strictly enforced. The CCP controls a citizen’s life in every aspect, such as school, job, housing, social insurance, travel, and so on.

In addition to the Party committees at each level of the society, the Communist Party has developed all kinds of systems, including a huge surveillance system, tightly watching and controlling Chinese people’s behavior.

Mind Control

Freedom of belief and speech is written in the Chinese Constitution but not granted by the CCP. In the name of atheism, the Party forces people to worship itself. On one hand, it tightly controls religions, culture, educational systems, and media, systematically brainwashing people. On the other hand, it brutally suppresses those who refuse to be brainwashed.

The Cultural Revolution and the persecution of Falun Gong originated from the Party’s attempt to control people’s thoughts and suppress those who insist on spiritual independence and who seek freedom of speech and belief.

The differences between the Communist Party and other political parties are numerous. The CCP tightly controls the society, refuses to obey social norms, and disrespects people’s private property, thought independence, and dignity.

The CCP is willing to protect its own interests and the power of a small group of individuals at the expense of others’ rights and lives. It has committed all kinds of sins for profit, including forced organ harvesting from living Falun Gong practitioners– an unprecedented form of evil on this planet.

More detailed descriptions about the anti-social nature of the CCP can be found in the book Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party.

Chinese version available

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