Three Falun Gong Practitioners Face Illegal Trial—Defense Attorneys Enter Not-Guilty Pleas

March 06, 2014 | By a Minghui correspondent from Fujian Province, China

( The Siming District Court in Xiamen City, Fujian Province scheduled an illegal trial of three Falun Gong practitioners, including Ms. Zhu Fengling, Ms. Li Huiying, and Ms. Guo Fengjie, for March 4, 2013. Ms. Zhu and Ms. Guo hired defense attorneys to plea for their acquittals.

Ms. Zhu Fengling, in her thirties, was a department manager of a large company in Xiamen. Over a dozen officers from the Xiamen City 610 Office, the Domestic Security Division, the Siming District Police Department, and the Lianqian Police Station broke into Ms. Zhu’s house in the early morning hours of May 22, 2013. They searched and ransacked her house, took her personal belongs, and illegally arrested her.

That same day, Ms. Li Huiying, who is in her seventies, and Ms. Guo Fengjie, in her fifties, were arrested and their homes were also searched and ransacked.

Ms. Zhu’s husband, who doesn’t practice Falun Gong, was also taken away by police. They took them to Lianqian Police Station, and Ms. Zhu’s husband was not released until evening.

The police confiscated Ms. Zhu’s Dafa books and truth-clarification materials, along with two desktop computers, two printers, her husband’s two notebook computers (which he uses for work), their daughter’s tablet computer, a palm computer, Ms. Zhu’s husband’s work cell phone, and Ms. Zhu’s two cell phones, as well as other personal belongings.

The confiscation of her husband’s computer and cell phone directly affected his ability to work. He went to the police station to ask that his belongings be returned several times, but without success.

Parties involved in the persecution: Qu Shaoxing (曲绍星), head of Xiamen Domestic Security Division: +86-592-5303028 Zahng (张某), chief judge of Siming District Court: +86-592-5306346 Gao Yanghong (高仰虹), prosecutor of Siming District Procuratorate: +86-592-5305372 Chen Guishun (陈桂顺), officer from Lianqian Police Station: +86-13806035613

Chinese version available

Category: Accounts of Persecution

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