Ms. Huo Meilian Died Two Days after Her Home Was Ransacked

March 20, 2014 | By a Minghui correspondent from China

( Ms. Huo Meilian passed away two days after the police invaded and ransacked her home. Ms. Huo was recovering from a serious illness at home when officers with the Domestic Security Division of Xincheng District Police Department of Xi’an City, Shaanxi Province, illegally entered.

Ms. Huo’s husband, Mr. Chen Mingan, demanded that the intruding officers be held accountable and punished. Pan Li of the Domestic Security Division refused to shoulder any responsibility and threatened the family.

Pan Li sent officers to the crematorium to monitor the situation in case other Falun Gong practitioners showed up. Mr. Chen decided to postpone the cremation of his wife’s remains in protest.

Ms. Huo, 53, was healthy until she was diagnosed with an incurable anemia. She was arrested and detained in a labor camp for a year in the past.

Mr. Chen was arrested a total of six times, five times by the Xincheng District Police Department. He was imprisoned in a labor camp and a brainwashing center for a total of seven and a half years.

While Mr. Chen was incarcerated, Ms. Hou worked multiple petty jobs to make a living for her extended family, including her daughter and parents. She developed severe anemia from malnutrition over a ten-year period, brought on by an exhausting workload and the mental pressure of her difficult life.

Several officers from the Xincheng District Police Department broke into Ms. Hou’s home while she was there alone on January 24, 2014. The police ransacked the place without showing proper identification or a search warrant, and confiscated personal items. Ms. Hou became very ill and died two days later.

Address of Xincheng District Police Department: 51 Houzai Gate, postal code: 710003
Lu Ming, CCP Committee secretary and director
Du ChuangJian, CCP Committee deputy secretary and political commissar

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Chinese version available

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