Los Angeles, USA: Audience Touched and Inspired by Shen Yun’s Return

March 21, 2014 | By He Yu, a Minghui correspondent

(Minghui.org) Shen Yun Performing Arts began its four-city, 16-performance tour of Southern California on March 11 at the Segerstrom Center for the Arts in Costa Mesa. All seven shows at the venue were sold out. The theater opened up blocked seats to meet the demand of the audience.

Opening night at the Segerstrom Center for the Arts on March 11

Nine additional performances at the Nokia Theatre, Thousand Oaks Civic Arts Plaza, and Granada Theatre follow from March 18 to March 30.

The Segerstrom Center for the Arts (upper left), Nokia Theatre (upper right), Thousand Oaks Civic Arts Plaza (lower left), and Granada Theatre (lower right)

Congressman Values the Cultural Significance of Shen Yun

Congressman Rohrabacher with his daughter at the show on March 15

Congressman for the 48th District of California, Dana Rohrabacher, felt it a pity that Shen Yun could not perform in China.

He said, “I brought my daughter today and I’m so happy she was able to see this dancing and I know that in her whole life now she’ll be comparing the different musicals and dancing we see in the United States with what she sees here from (ancient) China.”

The congressman acknowledged that Shen Yun is more than Chinese: “I think that what we see here is that the Chinese traditional music is much more sophisticated than what Americans have as our traditional music. One good thing about America is that we actually have taken from all the cultures of the world and we’ve incorporated them to American culture. So that means this is part of American culture now, not just Chinese culture.”

“I was deeply entertained as well … I’ve been educated,” Congressman Rohrabacher continued.

The Congressman said, “… there was a very intense focus on detail, color movement, and of course relating directly to the music. The music was a classical style of music I think it had to be part of a Chinese culture to meld it with the dancing… This [Shen Yun] is an incredibly valuable thing for people to witness.”

Authentic Chinese Culture Without Chinese Regime’s Influence

Entrepreneur, educator, and author, Greg Autry, at the Shen Yun performance on March 12

Greg Autry, entrepreneur, educator, and author of the book Death by China said after watching the show on March 12, “It’s good to see Chinese people to be able to express their own culture without the corruption that we’ve seen in the recent years.

“It’s wonderful to see Chinese stories told in a way that doesn’t involve [Chinese] government policies laid on top of it or communist propaganda used to bend the meaning,” he added.

“I love the music, I love the color, the pageantry.”

“All Senses Stimulated”

Mexican film and television actor, Rodolfo Jimenez, was amazed by the stage effects

Mexican film and television actor, Rodolfo Jimenez, highly praised the perfection of Shen Yun. He said that it is difficult for professionals in the theater field to laud another show because they will be picky with every detail. But the Shen Yun performance he saw was incredible in that everything was displayed in perfection. He loved how every number was unique and spectacular.

Not only that, Mr. Jimenez was also amazed by the fact that this performance portrays the divine and people’s respect for the heavens. He commented that he learned a lot from watching Shen Yun.

Anastacia McPherson saw Shen Yun because she “definitely wanted to see the dance, and the music and the history behind it.”

“It was absolutely beautiful! I’ve never seen anything like it! And it did bring me to tears at one point,” said Anastacia McPherson after watching the performance. “I was very moved.”

“The synchronicity is impeccable! You really don’t see that a lot in that kind of synchronicity between the dancers. The discipline! It’s like it’s one unit. The formations, it’s moving as one.” She added.

Ms. Brooke Ashe

Ms. Brooke Ashe, an artist, studio set construction manager, poet and filmmaker, attended the Shen Yun performance with Ms. McPherson. She described, “It’s like a culture night [with] the opera, the orchestra and dance, history, and acting as well. And it definitely leaves a sense of delight inside. It’s a positive story, historical reference. And I think that’s great!

“I really enjoy the power of the women, and the beauty of the men. I like being able to see the beauty in the men in the way that they move, and I like the strength in the women,” she continued.

“If you want all of your senses stimulated, go see the show!” Ms. McPherson said. “It’s everything!”

“Unique” and “Mind-blowing”

Award winning Hollywood Executive Producer, Jim DeCicco

“The Shen Yun performance was really, really unique. It was mind-blowing, really,” said Jim DeCicco, award winning Hollywood Executive Producer and founding executive of a Wall Street trading firm, after seeing Shen Yun at Segerstrom Center for the Arts, on March 12.

Mr. DeCicco said, “Being a professional and recognizing detail, great performances are ones that transcend that; where you’re so immersed in the actual content that you don’t think about the technical anymore. You don’t think about the lights, or the music, or some of the cues, or whatever it is. You’re just truly present, and enjoying the thing. And that’s what this performance did. “

To him, all the details formed a whole, “It was so seamless.”

“It’s more of back to the roots of ancient Chinese philosophy, Chinese wisdom, things that so much of the Western world is seeking to find as a philosophy of life. And it’s good to see that there’s such a movement to get that refreshed in the modern day,” Mr. DeCicco said.

Incredible Beauty Impresses Artists

Mr. and Mrs. Dean Smith

Sculptor Dean Smith and his wife were impressed by the beauty of Shen Yun. Mr. Smith’s wife, Tari Brand, said that the long scarves of the dancers were flowing as if outlining a painting in the air.

Andreas Gapinski and Ingrid Powell at the Segerstrom Center for the Arts on March 13

Classically trained vocalist, songwriter, visual artist, and Reiki Master Ingrid Powell, and Andreas Gapinski celebrated their three-year anniversary at the Segerstrom Center for the Arts on March 13.

Ms. Powell was elated by the effect of classical Chinese dance. “I feel like I’m floating. Floating on air! That’s how the dancers looked. They just looked like they glided on stage, and just floated. It was beautiful, absolutely gorgeous,” she said.

“I’m inspired now,” she added. “It makes me feel alive and feel good.”

Ms. Powell said she was especially touched by the spiritual values shared in the performance: “I think because there is so much potential chaos, at any given moment on the planet, and we need those reminders that we are connected to a higher source, that we are of a higher realm, that we’re spirit beings having a human experience, and I just think that’s so important for us to be cognizant of. On a daily basis, on a moment-to-moment basis, if we can remember to be conscious and aware of our divine presence and connection to creator source at all times, then we really could live in a beautiful world that’s depicted through this show.”

Mainland Chinese Treasures Opportunity to Experience True Culture Outside of China

Mr. Li has been to four cities and seen seven Shen Yun performances. The incredible energy of Shen Yun deeply touched him. He said, “It left me a very deep impression when I saw it for the first time. It was so pure and so beautiful! So stunning!I kept crying. I was simply touched. I see different beauty each time I see this show. So I want to keep seeing it and keep seeing it.

“I think I should watch it for as many times as possible before I go back. This kind of performance cannot be seen in China. I have seen the Shen Yun DVD inside China. Although the DVD is very beautiful, seeing it live in a theater is completely different! My spirit has even been elevated.”

Mr. Li exclaimed, “In the U.S., wherever I go, I recommend Shen Yun to my friends, ‘Amazing, Fantastic, Gorgeous…’, all the words that I know. Because it is the best show I’ve ever seen in my life!”

Officials Praise Spirit and Dedication of Shen Yun

In the days leading up to Shen Yun’s arrival, 63 officials issued 50 recognitions, celebrating the company’s contribution to Southern California.

A resolution welcoming Shen Yun to Los Angeles was adopted by the City Council at a meeting held on March 11 and signed by all council members commending the non-profit performing arts company for “their brilliant performances and depiction of true Chinese culture.”

Ed Royce, member of Congress representing California’s 39th District and chairman of the House Foreign Affairs Committee, wrote a letter offering his best wishes and thanking all participants of Shen Yun Performing Arts for their hard work and dedication.

Congresswoman Lois Capps, representing California’s 24th District, also sent a letter to Shen Yun Performing Arts with praise and congratulations. “Congratulations on your works towards a beautiful and inspiring cultural performance! Your spirit and natural talent has allowed many audiences to learn and enjoy the culture of Chinese dance and civilization,” she wrote.

Shen Yun continues to Thousand Oaks on March 18-20, Los Angeles on March 22-23, and Santa Barbara on March 29-30. For more information on tickets and dates, please visit www.shenyunperformingarts.org.

Chinese version available

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