Procuratorate Releases Businessman, Domestic Security Arrests Him Again

March 30, 2014 | By a Minghui correspondent from Shandong Province, China

( Chinese communist regime officials arrested a businessman because he practices Falun Gong. They stole many items from his business to use as evidence. When they turned in those items in to the procuratorate to prove his guilt, the procuratorate refused to accept them as evidence.

Because they were not rewarded for arresting a Falun Gong practitioner, which is common practice in China, these functionaries arrested the practitioner again and even abused his wife when she sought his release.

Practitioner Arrested for Not Paying Bribes

Mr. Li Zhiqiang from Dezhou City, Shandong Province, is a self-employed businessman. Four officers from the Decheng District Domestic Security Division, including Liu Dawei, and officers from the Changzhuang Police Station went to Mr. Li’s store on March 13, 2014. They told him to come to the police station with them and promised to let him go soon.

At the station, they tried to force Mr. Li to sign an arrest warrant. When he refused, they put him in a detention center. His family went to the detention center and asked why he had been arrested. Liu Dawei said that it was because he didn’t pay any bribe money the last time.

Family Lied to

The next day, his family went to the Domestic Security Division and asked officer Zhang Xikun about the arrest. Zhang told them that Mr. Li was charged with being “involved in an evil practice.” Zhang claimed that the Procuratorate had ordered his arrest, which the Procuratorate later denied.

Arrested, Store Ransacked, Items Stolen

Before this arrest, the police had arrested Mr. Li on January 9, 2014, because he was giving out Falun Dafa fliers in his store. The police ransacked his store and confiscated 2200 yuan in cash, a computer, a laptop, four cell phones, three external hard drives, a tablet, a card speaker box, ten USB disks, a card reader, an MP5 player, dozens of phone cards, and wireless network cards. They also took his ID card, ATM card, keys, and other personal belongings, most of which were never returned to Mr. Li.

That afternoon Mr. Li was taken to the Jianshe Street Police Station in the Decheng District. They took a sample of his blood and his picture and gave him a physical. He was later taken to a detention center. The police turned in the items they had confiscated from his store to the Procuratorate as evidence to indict him. The Procuratorate refused to indict him due to insufficient evidence and released Mr. Li without prejudice.

The outcome was unexpected, and the officers from the Domestic Security Division were unhappy that they didn’t get a reward for making the arrest. They forced Mr. Li to report to the division every Friday. When he was busy at work and was late once, the officers used this as an excuse to arrest him again.

Mr. Li’s wife went to the Domestic Security Division many times to ask for his release. She even went to the homes of Zhang Xikun and Liu Dawei and begged them to release her husband, but Zhang and Liu beat and threatened her many times.

Parties Involved in Persecuting Mr. Li:
Decheng District Domestic Security Division:
Zhang Xikun (张希坤), captain: +86-13853498626 (Cell)
Liu Dawei (刘大伟), officer: +86-13853495328 (Cell)
Decheng District Procuratorate:
Zhou Fangbao (周方宝), chief prosecutor: +86-13905341935 (Cell)

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