Nowhere to Seek Justice: Ms. Deng Caijuan’s Mother Makes Public Appeal for Her Release from Detention

April 05, 2014 | By a Minghui correspondent from Guangdong

( Ms. Deng Caijuan was about to pick up her niece from school on December 20, 2013, when she was violently taken away by plainclothes police officers. Her family members received no official notice of her arrest. Extremely worried, they looked for her everywhere, but were given the runaround by officers at the Diejiao Police Station and the Nanhai District Police Department.

It was only recently confirmed that Ms. Deng was arrested by the Diejiao police, and is now being held at the Nanhai Detention Center. Imprisoned yet again for her belief in Falun Gong, Ms. Deng maintained that she is not a criminal and refused to recite the detention center regulations. For this, the guards prohibited her from buying any daily necessities and intimidated her with threats and brute force.

The plainclothes officers involved in her arrest her were surnamed Deng (police# 184456) and Huang (police# 183898). They did not follow legal procedures and the arrest warrant was signed three months after the fact.

Ms. Deng Caijuan, a Falun Gong practitioner from Dongsheng Village in Foshan County, Guangdong Province, has suffered severe and long-term abuse for her belief. She was imprisoned in forced labor camps twice for a total of six years and detained several times in brainwashing centers.

A Desperate Mother’s Cry for Help

When Ms. Deng’s family went to the appeals office of Nanhai Police Station, a plainclothes officer said to them, “You don’t need to come to appeal. It’s useless. Even though the police violated the law, nothing can be done about it because they are following the Party’s orders.” The officer then had security personnel force Ms. Deng’s family members out the door and snatch her sister’s cell phone to check if she took any photos or audio recordings of him.

With nowhere to seek justice, Ms. Deng’s mother, who is in a wheelchair, went through great difficulty to go to Zhongshan Park in Foshan City to publicly appeal for help. Subsequently, the police went there to harass and monitor her.

Ms. Deng Caijuan’s mother seeks redress in front of Zhongshan Park in Foshan City on March 16, 2014

Ms. Deng Caijuan’s mother speaks out in public about the persecution her daughter suffered.

Police monitor and harass Ms. Deng Caijuan’s mother.

Ms. Deng was locked in a 10-square-meter room on the third floor from December 23, 2002 to January 16, 2003. Four guards and two inmates tortured her in various ways, trying to force her to write a Guarantee Statement giving up her belief. The two inmates were Zhang Ling and Wang Aili. For 16 days straight, she was deprived of sleep. Whenever she started to doze off, the inmates put menthol on her eyes and inside her mouth. To keep her from sleeping, they beat her with a club, pulled her hair and yelled at her.

For several days, they did not let her use the toilet. Ms. Deng had no choice but to urinate in her pants. Wang Aili used tissue to wipe up the urine on the floor and then stuffed the tissue in Ms. Deng’s mouth. She then dragged Ms. Deng by the legs across the floor to wipe up the remaining urine. Guard Tian Shuling punched Ms. Deng and shocked her with electric batons. Another guard, Yi, forced her to squat for long periods of time. As soon as Ms. Deng sat down from exhaustion, Yi would shock her with an electric baton.

On December 28, 2002, guard Yi cuffed Ms. Deng’s hands behind her back and hung her from an iron window frame. Only her toes touched the floor, with her body bent over. The pain was excruciating. Moreover, the inmates who were watching her intentionally swung her body back and forth to cause more pain.

Torture re-enactment: Tortured with electric batons

Torture re-enactment: Hanging

On January 1, 2003, guard Lu cuffed one of Ms. Deng’s hands and hung her up with only her toes touching the floor. Her hands and feet felt like they were being cut by a knife. Even then, Lu shocked her with an electric baton. Ms. Deng was left hanging in this excruciating position for over 10 hours. Both her hands and feet turned black and blue.

Ms. Deng was tortured for 25 days straight. In the nine days from December 23 to December 31, she only slept for a total of 13 hours. From January 1 to January 16, she was not allowed to sleep at all. She was on the verge of a total collapse. She could only stand for a few minutes before falling to the floor. If she did not quickly stand up, the police and inmates would brutally beat and kick her.

Excruciating Torture in Zhanjiang Brainwashing Center

Ms. Deng was illegally arrested on her way home in June 2012. The police took her directly to Zhanjiang Brainwashing Center. The guards in the center forced her legs into the double-crossed position and tied up both her legs and hands, restricting any movement. When she refused to write the Three Statements renouncing Falun Gong, the guards put a few large slabs of cement on top of her legs.

Seeing that Ms. Deng still would not give in, they added a box with a dozen books on top of the cement slabs. She was in severe pain from the torture, and pleaded with the guards to remove the weight. Instead, they added more books on top of her legs.

Guard He Xuri also stepped on the slabs, causing her even more pain. Her entire lower body felt like it was being crushed. This lasted for nine hours, from noon to 9:00 p.m., causing severe physical injury.

Policeman with police# 184345

Chinese version available

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