China’s Notorious Brainwashing Centers (Photos)

April 16, 2014 | By a Minghui correspondent from Heilongjiang Province, China

( The Chinese Communist Party’s (CCP) brainwashing facilities are often referred to as “Law Enhancement Centers” or “Law Education Schools.” They operate as extrajudicial prisons and are used to persecute Falun Gong practitioners, dissidents, and anyone local officials deem a threat.

The following are a few personal accounts of Falun Gong practitioners who were tortured in various brainwashing centers.

Ms. Shi Jing

Ms. Shi Jing Tortured at the Jiansanjiang City Brainwashing Center

Ms. Shi Jing is an employee of the Daqing Power Group’s Longnan Company. Several staff members, in collusion with local 610 Officeagents, took her into custody on her way to work on July 16, 2013.

For years, Ms. Jing has been her mother’s sole caregiver, thus after Ms. Jing’s sudden disappearance, her mother, who is in her 80s, worried day and night. Only after a week of frantic phone calls and visiting governmental agencies, did her family find out that Ms. Jing had been taken to the Jiansanjiang City Brainwashing Center in Qinglongshan Province. Ms. Jing’s company falsely claimed they knew nothing about her whereabouts.

Whenever the head of the brainwashing center, Fang Yuechun, saw Ms. Jing in the cross-legged meditation position, he dragged her from the bed to the floor, and then started beating her.

To protest this unwarranted treatment, Ms. Jing went on a hunger strike. Three days later, several young thugs from the center forced her to sign a paper saying that she would stop practicing Falun Gong. After signing, Ms. Jing ripped the paper in half. This infuriated the thugs who then began to brutally beat her. They also subjected her to the “stretching torture.” They taped her mouth and neck, handcuffed each hand to a separate heavy leather chair, and then pulled the chairs apart stretching her arms in a straight line.

Minutes later, Ms. Jing’s arms began to swell and both palms started to turn blue due to the lack of blood circulation. When she began to scream in pain, the thugs violently beat her, then tightly wrapped another layer of tape around her mouth, nearly suffocating her.

Ms. Jing was again subjected to the stretching torture on July 27. This time, she was forced to sit on the floor while being handcuffed to two separate beds with her arms stretched straight. Fang threatened and insulted the thugs, telling them that he wanted her body stretched even further.

At some point, the torturers decided to swap the two beds for two leather chairs. They also forced her to squat down for an additional 10 hours with her arms stretched apart in a straight line. She was unable to stand or sit the entire time.

Mr. Wang Kui Handcuffed to a Radiator Pipe for Three Days

Mr. Wang Kui is an employee at the Downhole Service Company’s Integrated Liquid Mixing Plant in the Daqing Oilfield. One day, he was taken to a room in the plant where he was handcuffed to a radiator pipe for 72 hours.

When he was finally released, he was unable to stand straight or squat. Those involved in this crime include: Wei YuKuo, the secretary general of the CCP Committee at the Downhole Service Company, along with Fan Yi, Party secretary general of the affiliated Integrated Liquid Mixing Plant, Yang Xiao Feng, the captain of the Front Line Team One, and Ma Yao Qiang, the local 610 Office director and his deputy director, Liu Jie.

Mr. Li Ye Quan, a technical engineer at the Daqing Perforating Charge Plant, was taken to a brainwashing center on August 16, 2011 by Han Deping, the Party secretary general of the Daqing Oilfield Equipment Manufacturing Group, along with local 610 Office agents, and several others. Mr. Quan was also subjected to the stretching torture and sustained deep cut to his wrists. As soon as they let him down the following day, he fainted.

Ms. Cong Li Xia’s Armpits Pricked With Large Sewing Needles

Ms. Cong Li Xia from the Da Qing district was taken to the 721 Brainwashing Center on July 16, 2012. Staff members used large sewing needles to prick her armpits and subjected her to other forms of torture, including being handcuffed behind her back.

Torture reenactment: Handcuffed from behind

Ms. Zhang Shuyun, from the Daqing Oilfield No. 9 Plant, was taken into custody by six thugs on August 30, 2012 as she stepped off a public bus. She was later taken to the Daqing City’s 721 Brainwashing Center where these same six people pricked her armpits with long needles and repeatedly beat her throughout the night. The next morning, her armpits were severely swollen. She became incontinent and was unable to stand up.

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