A Fortunate Family

January 27, 2015 | By a practitioner in Shandong Province, China

(Minghui.org) I am 53 years old. I started practicing Falun Dafa in 1996. My family has enjoyed great fortune ever since.

Lump on My Ear Disappears

Before I practiced Falun Dafa, I had a lump on the back of my right ear. The doctor said that even though the tumor was not too big, it would have to be removed surgically. I was worried and scared and hesitant to have it done. I checked it in a mirror and felt uneasy every day.

After starting to practice Falun Dafa, I was happy and concentrated on studying Dafa for several days, so I forgot to check the lump. Then one day I thought about it, looked in the mirror, and saw that it was gone. I shed tears of joy and truly felt that Dafa is miraculous.

No Serious Injury After a Van Ran Over My Legs

The Chinese Communist Party began its official campaign to slander and persecute Falun Dafa in July 1999. Soon after, I went to Beijing to appeal for the right to practice.

On my way to Beijing, the police intercepted me and began taking me home. I asked, “What crime did I commit?” They replied, “You didn’t commit a crime. Your vehicle does not comply with regulations.” I said, “Stop the car. We’re getting out.” I opened the door and fell out. In a second, an oncoming van ran over my legs.

I didn’t feel any pain; I only felt that my legs were padded by soft materials. I got up and ran towards the vehicle. Later, the passengers in the vehicle told me that there clearly were tire marks on my white pants. My legs were not injured. I only had flesh wounds that healed on their own in less than 10 days.

My Husband Avoided a Deadly Accident

My husband worked in car sales. One day a customer who had recently learned to drive bought a new car. She asked my husband to take her to several government agencies to complete all the necessary documents. The customer was in a hurry and mistook the gas pedal for the brake. The car rushed towards my husband. There was another car behind him, and his legs were sandwiched between the two cars. The customer was scared to death and took my husband to the hospital, got some medicine, and took my husband home.

At home, my husband told me about it. I told him, “Remember ‘Falun Dafa is good,’ and you’ll be all right.” He later said to me angrily, “That customer hit me. I didn’t blame her for that. But she didn’t even come to visit me after the accident.” I said, “She didn’t do it intentionally. If you remember ‘Falun Dafa is good,’ bad things can turn into good ones.” After a few days of rest, my husband went back to work.

My Mother Is Fortunate

My mother is 87 years old. Three years ago, she had a heart attack and pleural effusion. She was all swollen, had difficulty breathing, and couldn’t fall asleep at night. She was hospitalized a few times. Eventually there was nothing the hospital could do. After returning home, she couldn’t speak or swallow when her symptoms were really bad. Relatives and friends came to visit her. They all shook their heads as they left and were worried that my mother could not make it this time.

In our family, there are several Dafa practitioners who clarified the truth to my mother several times and asked her to recite “Dafa is good.” My mother did not believe it. This time, daughters in the family told her, “Doctors cannot cure you. If you sincerely recite, ‘Falun Dafa is good,’ something good will occur.” My mother’s desire to survive made her recite, “Falun Dafa is good.” She gradually got better. She soon could eat, and the edema quickly disappeared.

However, for some reason, after she recovered her health, my mother had a lump on her rear end. One day when she was watching a Shen Yun DVD, there was a rattling sound. Then the lump disappeared. My mother thought it was miraculous.

Now my mother lives in her daughters’ homes in turn, and she often watches Shen Yun. She has three normal meals a day and often has a smile on her face.

Lovely Children

I have one daughter and one son. Both of them have supported my practicing Dafa. Even though they do not cultivate Dafa, they know Dafa is good and often recite, “Falun Dafa is good, Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good.” Over the years, they have done well in school and at work.

My daughter and son never waste money. At times I offered to give them a little more, but they wouldn’t take it, because they understand our situation.

After graduating from college, my daughter got a satisfactory job. She gave all her income to me and would ask for money if she needed to buy something. My daughter works as a kindergarten teacher. The kids in her class all behave well. Even those who are considered naughty by other teachers act properly in her class. The parents all trust and like her. Other teachers often joke with my daughter, saying, “You are lucky. There seems to be a great god that protects you.” My daughter just nods and is clear that “Falun Dafa is good” is in her heart.

My son and daughter understand the truth about Dafa. Thus they are rewarded with good fortune.

Our whole family is grateful to Master’s merciful protection and grateful for the wonders of Falun Dafa. We also hope others can understand the truth and hold “Falun Dafa is good, Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good” in their hearts. We wish good people a safe and secure life.

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