Over Ten Practitioners’ Homes Ransacked in Yueyang, Hunan Province

January 27, 2015 | By a Minghui correspondent from Hunan Province, China

(Minghui.org) Many Falun Gong practitioners’ homes were ransacked by local police on December 19, 2014, in Yueyang City in Hunan Province. The practitioners also reported being harassed.

Several department heads and officers vandalized Mr. Zhao Shiyuan‘s home store, destroying a photo of the founder of Falun Gong and taking three copies of Zhuan Falun, two recorders, and other items.

Ms. Zhao Qunlan (赵群兰) and her parents all practice Falun Gong. She was selling breakfast at her restaurant when her home was ransacked. She told the officers that citizens have the right to their own belief and that the officers were interfering with that right.

Ms. Zhao was previously arrested and detained in March 2014. While being held, her health deteriorated: she developed heart problems, high blood pressure, and decreased vision. Her husband also divorced her, leaving her with no place to live. Her parents helped her get back on her feet and helped run her breakfast restaurant.

In addition to harassing her and ransacking her house, the local government also withheld her health benefits. She was also put under long-term surveillance by the nearby Chaoyang Neighborhood Administration Office.

The same officials seized Falun Gong books and other materials from Ms. He Ruiping‘s (何瑞平) home. She tried to take back her possessions but fell down. The officials then forced her daughter-in-law to sign a form promising to monitor her mother-in-law.

Next, the officials arrived at Mr. Wang Hongbo’s (王洪波) home, but left after they failed to enter the home and Mr. Wang’s son refused to open the door. They then went to Ms. Li Nianchun’s (李年春) home and Ms. Yang Li’s (杨丽) barbershop, searching for Falun Gong materials to seize.

The same day in Caishanghu Town, one uniformed officer and three plainclothes officers ransacked the homes of four practitioners, including Mr. Xue Tianbao (薛天保). Officers wiped out the Chinese characters written on his door: “Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance.”

Mr. Xue’s wife, who had previously been detained in Baimalong Forced Labor Camp for practicing Falun Gong, stopped the officers and said, “What’s wrong with the words ‘Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance?’ Whenever my husband starts to lose his temper, if I point to those words, he immediately quiets down. Do you want my home to lose its peace and harmony? Besides, we’ll just rewrite them.”

Perpetrators’ Contact Information:

Peng Changhua (彭常华), head of the Junshanqu Political and Legal Affairs Committee and director of the 610 Office: +86-13974060986
Liu Qunfang (刘群芳), deputy head of the Junshanqu County Political and Legal Affairs and deputy head of the 610 Office
Qianlianghu Police Department: +86-730-8927368 (Office)
Duan Deliang (段德良), head of the police department: +86-13762029078
Wang Dalin (王大林), political head of the police department
Li Xudong (李旭东), head of the Qianglanghu Bureau of Justice
Sun Zaihong (孙在宏), head of the Chaoyan Neighborhood Administration Office
Yan Dingji (严定吉), security head of the Chaoyan Neighborhood Administration Office: +86-13974062634
Lei Lijun (雷力军), security head of the Yayuan Neighborhood Administration Office: +86-13017229957
Caishanghu Police Department: +86-730-8931110
Fang Jiaozhong (方教忠), head of the Caishanghu Town Police Station: +86-13786030080
Gao Bihua (高必华), director of the Caishanghu Town Bureau of Justice: +86-13574028305

Chinese version available

Category: Accounts of Persecution


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