Practicing Falun Dafa Brings Me Peace

June 06, 2015

( Many people admire my comfortable life: a career I enjoy and that pays well enough to allow me to live in one of the metropolitan cities in China, a youthful appearance, and a happy family. Coming from a humble background, I did not rely on my parents to achieve success, but on my own efforts. However, all my efforts are based on something I learned in 1996.

Becoming a Practitioner

When I was in high school, I was attracted by a display board on my way home one day. It showed a qigong practice. As a fan of qigong, I stopped and copied the contact information.

The lady I contacted told me that I should finish reading the book Zhuan Falun first, which was very different from usual qigong teachings that focused on physical movements only. Then I attended a workshop, but I fell asleep the whole time!

I was embarrassed, but my fellow participants were very understanding. The veteran practitioners began to teach us newcomers the exercises. I noticed that there were both elderly and young practitioners, many of them students like myself. I have been a Falun Dafa practitioner ever since.


I was an outstanding student and after graduation enjoyed a successful career. Due to my success, I was very confident and believed that I was always right, until the first major challenge in my life.

Seven years after graduating, a friend invited me to join his hotel business. Although I didn’t have any hotel management experience or training, I believed I could master the skills in no time, given that I was a fast learner.

I gave up my career and entered a new field. Unfortunately, my friend went bankrupt a year later, and the business plan was aborted. Unable to go back to my old job, I decided to switch to another career – sales.

It wasn’t easy for me to switch from a technical profession to sales. When I was in doubt of my ability and future, my daily reading of Zhuan Falun and other Falun Dafa teachings helped me realize my deep attachment to fame and profits.

I had thought that I took material gains lightly, but apparently I was wrong. My pursuit of self validation was a form of pursuing fame and income. I said to myself: “Following the path arranged by Master is the best for me. Why am I bothered by the amount of money that is allocated to each person’s life anyway? To meet sales goals is just a matter of doing the work.”

Master said,

“In terms of conducting scientific research projects or carrying out assignments from our supervisors or other duties, we are very clear-minded and perform them very well.” (Lecture Nine in Zhuan Falun)

Once I let go of my attachment to gain and loss, I had the most sales of all the sales staff over the previous two years. Many admired me for being successful in my new career, but I knew I owed my success to Dafa’s enlightenment.

Getting Along with My Mother-in-law

In my personal life, I experienced conflicts with my mother-in-law for an extended period of time. She moved in with my husband and me when our child was born, and we have been living together for over 10 years now.

Growing up in a village, she was used to a rural lifestyle, which was very different from mine. She had a strong personality due to her early life. Because her father was paralyzed, she and her mother had to support the family. Because I have a strong personality, too, we often ended up disagreeing.

On several occasions, I yelled at her, forgetting that I was a Dafa practitioner, who should cultivate to be a good person. Although I regretted it afterward, I still couldn’t help doing it again.

Once after a big fight, I was exhausted. Reflecting on my behavior, I asked myself what I would gain if I had won. I was unable to change her mind and she would do the same thing again next time. I knew I could not continue to fight like this.

I recalled what Master said,

“It is hard in that you knowingly lose your vested interests among everyday people. Amidst your critical self-interests, are you moved?” (Lecture Eight in Zhuan Falun)

After all, what I insisted on, my so-called principles, were part of my own self-interests. Why could I not let it go? From then on, I have been able to take the differences between us in our daily lives lightly and do not impose my preferences on her.

Eventually my relationship with my mother-in-law improved and we now get along just fine. When friends complement me on our relationship, I attribute it to Dafa’s guidance. Without it, I would have been a complainer troubled by daily trivialities and causing trouble in the family.

Dafa has changed me into a person with high moral standards. I will be a steadfast practitioner on my cultivation path.

Chinese version available

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