Videos About Falun Dafa Were Very Popular at a Fair in China

July 29, 2015 | By a Falun Dafa practitioner from China

( My boss and colleagues participated in a trade fair in southern China last month.

To attract customers and promote our business, my boss asked the staff to download some American movies and play them at the fair. However, none of them would work.

My boss took my colleague’s computer and searched for programs himself. He accidentally opened a video file that gave information about Falun Dafa, and it was the only file working at the time. It was one that I had downloaded for my colleague to watch.

My boss used to live in the United States, and appeared to accept Falun Dafa. Therefore, the video about Dafa was played at the fair for two days. According to my colleague, our booth was packed and our boss deemed the event to be a success.

Chinese version available

Category: People in China Awaken to the Truth


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