A Doctor Given Three Months to Live Becomes Healthy After Practicing Falun Gong

August 19, 2015 | By a practitioner in Hunan Province,China

(Minghui.org) At my age of 67, I am a retired doctor and a police supervisor. Seven years ago, I developed late-stage ovarian cancer and received a complex operation that lasted six-and-a-half hours at a famous hospital in Changsha, Hunan Province on the last day of 2008.When asked about my prognosis by my family members, they were told I had three months to live.

One of my colleagues and friends came by the hospital on January 6, 2009 from out of town to visit me. She had suffered thyroid cancer in 1991, and then she started practicing Falun Gong five years later when her cancer recurred. Although she previously advised me to practice Falun Gong many times, I always rejected her suggestion because the government prohibits it. She brought me the book Zhuan Falun, a DVD of the exercise instructions, and an MP3 player pre-loaded with the exercise music. Moreover, she encouraged me not to lose this last opportunity.

A dying person would grasp at every straw. This time, without any hesitation, I promptly studied the book Zhuan Falun and learned how to do the five sets of exercises. Gradually I felt better and better, and thus I was able to live years and years until today through persisting in practicing Falun Gong.

Because of the persecution, I dared only to practice at home, and I don’t even dare to turn the exercise music up. Neighbors saw that my health became better and better. They were amazed and thought it was a miracle. However, when they asked me how such a miracle could occur, I always explained against my will, “It is because of your loving care and encouragement.”

I did not have the courage to tell them it was the result of my practicing Falun Gong. I was afraid that if I told them I practiced Falun Gong, then my family members’ careers would be negatively affected because they almost all work in police departments, except my grandchildren. My family members also knew that my life was extended because of Falun Gong, but they only allowed me to practice at home and did not allow me to speak about it in public.

I feel great regret because I did not do anything for Falun Gong. Today I cannot keep silent anymore, and I want to share my story with everyone. At the same time, I want to tell everyone: “Falun Gong is good! My Master is a great Master!” Because the former Chinese Communist Party leader, Jiang Zemin, abused his power to start such a severe persecution against Falun Gong, I am deprived of personal freedom to practice in public. I decided to sue Jiang Zemin as other practitioners are doing.

At last I hope more and more people learn the truth, read the book of Zhuan Falun, and benefit from Falun Gong.

Chinese version available

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